Hello TES Community,
I hope you are all staying warm and finding ways to enjoy all of our winter weather.  January seems to have flown by and before it slips away we wanted to send you a TES update.  As you can see, we have been working hard and staying busy.
Thank you for all you do to support your child’s learning at home.  Here is a glimpse inside our classrooms. Enjoy!
Ms. Bette's Kindergarten

 Ms. Bette’s “Friendship Train Stars”
The new year has brought in new units of study. We are preparing for a February “Snow Show” and the class engineering project with Balance, Force and Motion. The children also wrote about a “Shooting Stars of Kindness for 
Ms. Rogers' Kindergarten
Since returning from the holiday break, our class has been "snow" busy! The children have been memorizing snow poems and songs for the upcoming Kindergarten Snow Show! During Writer's Corner the students have been working "snow" carefully writing about what they like to do in winter. When their writing is complete, the students will share their published books with their families at our Snow Show dinner.
  The children have been fine-tuning their engineering skills too. Their current block creations are much more thought out than the earlier creations in the beginning of the year. They are larger, more symmetrical and sturdier than those earlier designs. I'm sure they will find that the skills learned from block building will be useful as they begin to plan, design, and build their marble roll ways for the TES Science Fair!
Ms. Atherton's 1st & 2nd Grade Class
Have you ever stopped and wondered if a dried bean would sink in a cup of honey the same way it sinks in a cup of water? Or a cup of vegetable oil? Ever explored the hundreds of different uses for a rubber band? Or Playdoh? Or playing cards? Clothes pins? Seashells? You should! First and second graders are exploring the states of matter with focus on liquids and solids. They have experimented with the different uses of various solids and will evaluate the appropriateness of certain objects for specific tasks. This week students observed how a dried bean behaved in different liquids to better understand their viscosity. Students then took it upon themselves to see what happened when certain liquids mixed with each other. Needless to say, things got a bit messy!
Ms. Oliver's 1st & 2nd Grade Class
Ms. Oliver's 1st/2nd grade class spent the past week studying the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr. We focused on his messages of peace, working together, love, freedom and equality. Through text, pictures and videos, students were able to see why King's work was and is so important. Each child made a booklet with pictures showing images of peace and love between all kinds of people.
Ms. Kate's 1st & 2nd Grade Class
Ms. Kate's class kicked off the return to school by learning about New Year's Resolutions and drafting their own resolutions for the new year. They celebrated their resolutions as a class with a small party, apple cider toast, and some more revelry. 
In writing the class has been exploring how to collect evidence from a text and use it to support a focus statement. First they read "Brave Irene" and looked for evidence to prove how Irene was brave. Currently they are reading "Katy and the Big Snow" and collecting evidence on how she is helpful. In both cases they are using the evidence to write informational hand paragraphs.
Ms. Bradley's 3rd & 4th Grade Class
When driving by the school, look over to our “Wishing Tree.” The children wrote their hopes and dreams for what they would like to see happen in the world for 2019.

Our mini-boat is half way across the Atlantic, almost over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It is currently at 36N 26W. Its path can be followed on the websites, Educational Passages and NEFSC .
Ms. Bennett's 3rd & 4th Grade Class
In Ms. Bennett’s 3/4 classroom students have been studying world geography and geometry. They have made maps showing the 7 continents, and have learned the difference between continents and countries. Currently they are each researching interesting places in the world, and sharing their learning in a report. This month writing and social studies are intertwined. 

As part of the geometry unit in math, students created beautiful compass constructions. This month, geometry and art are intertwined. 
Ms. Mousley's 3rd & 4th Grade Class
Ms. Mousley’s class has jumped into a new unit about electricity and magnets. We have started off by exploring what makes a circuit and some properties of electricity. The 3rd and 4th graders have been using batteries, wires, lightbulbs and small motors to create circuits. This will help us get ready for the science fair in February.

Our class is nearing the end of our report writing unit. Each student has researched a famous person by reading biographies and articles and is writing an informational report about them. They will finish up the unit by creating a visual and sharing their writing with the class.
Ms. Harrington's 5th Grade Class
Fifth graders are nearing the end of our first big unit on decimals. Students have gotten quite fluent with the place value system on both sides of the decimal point, and they even dabbled in a little algebra and calculus as we explored repeating decimals and solved for unknowns. 
We've also started a new science unit focused on heat energy. In the course of this unit, students conduct several experiments, graph their data, and come to meaningful conclusions about their results. This unit also gives students a strong understanding of the scientific method. 
Finally, we are wrapping up our writing and social studies unit focused on Native Americans. Students have worked in groups to conduct historic and cultural research about Native Americans from different regions of the country. They are using this research now to write reports to share what they've learned.
Mr. LaRoche's & Ms. Kendall's 6th Grade Classes
Sixth grade has been busy exploring our Physics unit by conducting various forces and motion experiments with marbles and ramps. We have been creating graphs and writing up lab reports. Students will have a chance to share their conclusions with each other on Monday and then we will move into a Go-Carts unit. We have also spent the last couple of weeks discussing and identifying narrators' point of view. Students have gotten very good at deciphering which type of third person perspective the author is using and are making connections from our various excerpts to their own independent reading.
Library News
Students in library class have enjoyed reading  How to Read a Story  by Kate Messner, illustrated by Mark Siegel. Ms. Messner's picture book includes ten steps to becoming a reader. Step 2 , "Find a Reading Buddy." is especially important. "A buddy can be older...or younger...or a person your age. Or maybe not a person at all." Students chose various buddies to read aloud to: some chose Ms. Rogers' class, some chose to read aloud to their own class, and still other students chose to read with their favorite stuffed animal. All enjoyed sharing their love of reading.
The TES Science Fair
is coming soon!
Please join us Tuesday, February 12, for the 5 th  annual TES Science Fair. The event will be held in the TES gym from 1:15-2:45pm for classroom tours and from 5pm-6:30pm for the public. We invite all parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and community members to come view and explore the TES students’ scientific and engineering accomplishments during the public event.
If you have any questions about the Science Fair or if you want to volunteer for this event, please contact: Angie Spickard , Kate Hill , or Nikki Kendall .
Thank you for your support!
Last call for Mud Season Madness Volunteers!

With an alarmingly low number of volunteers this year, it's looking like students will only be able to participate in Mud Season Madness one day per week, rather than our usual two days. This program cannot survive without volunteers and will not last much longer, unless...


Mud Season Madness is a volunteer-run, enrichment program that happens Tuesdays and Thursdays after school (3:00-4:00) through the month of March. Volunteers choose the age of the students they'd like to work with, the number of students they'd like to work with, and the type of activity they'd like to lead. Really. The activity is completely up to you. Like to knit? Teach a knitting class! Like puzzles? Host a group of puzzlers! Enjoy playing outside? Why not do it with a bunch of enthusiastic kids on our award winning sledding hill? The possibilities are endless but time is limited.
This program can't happen without you! Contact Sarah Atherton   no later than February 8  for questions or details.
Young Hacks Academy!

Are you looking for a fun activity for your 5th or 6th-grade student to enroll in this February break? Why not enroll your child in a Young Hacks Academy course? 

The YHA Mission:  Encouraging young minds to “turn on” and see how they can become agents of change — future leaders and problem-solvers — through the creative use of technology.

February 18-22, 2019 – Agent Training. 
Location: Frances C. Richmond Middle School, 63 Lyme Road Hanover, NH 03755 $375 Tuition for the week. 

Registration forms can be found at: