January 2021
Revamped Registrant Management System Goes Online
Next Week
Good news for registrants and applicants: CRPO’s new and improved registrant management system will be up and running next week. Keep an eye out for instructions on how to login to the new system.  

Because CRPO will now be communicating with registrants and applicants exclusively via email, be sure to check your junk folder and mark any emails from CRPO (the domain @crpo.ca) as safe, including emails from info@crpo.ca, registration@crpo.ca, practice@crpo.ca or qa@crpo.ca.

(And yes, the rumours are true—CRPO will now be accepting payments exclusively by either Visa or MasterCard. No more bank to bank transfer!)
Exam Update
Registrants who were expecting to write the registration exam in February will have heard from COMPASS and Yardstick that the February exam sitting has been cancelled due to the provincial stay-at-home order. Because of the simulation-based nature of the exam, COMPASS has advised CRPO that Yardstick’s proctoring software cannot currently be used to offer the exam remotely. CRPO has urged COMPASS to further explore other technological solutions, and we have requested 6 days of exam sittings in April and May; in the meantime, we are continuing to extend the deadlines for attempting and passing the exam as well as being flexible about clinical supervision requirements for registrants who have satisfied the minimum DCC and supervision hours but are waiting to write the exam. An FAQ with information for all registrants, providing much more detailed information, will be issued shortly.  
COVID Update
The stay-at-home order issued by the province last week does not change any of CRPO’s advice to registrants about how to practice during the global pandemic, as the government’s directive related to the provision of health care services has not changed.

RPs should be practicing remotely to the greatest extent possible in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19. As has been the case for some time, if you have clients who you cannot see using phone, teleconference or other remote technologies, and who would be at risk if you were unable to provide care, use your best clinical judgement to manage this situation, including insuring that needed infection control measures are in place, as per the Chief Medical Officer of Health Operational Requirements: Health Sector Restart. Practical guidance on implementing these measures is provided in Developing a Return to In-Person Practice Plan.

All of CRPO’s COVID-19 resources are hereincluding Frequently Asked Questions about conditions under which you may choose to see a client in person, mask-wearing and electronic practice.

Does CRPO have information about when RPs will be able to receive the vaccine?

No. CRPO has not received any information from government as to when RPs will be scheduled to receive the COVID vaccine. You can find out more about Ontario’s Vaccine Distribution Implementation Plan.
Currency Reminder
Registrants in the Registered Psychotherapist category are required to maintain 750 currency hours of broadly defined activities related to psychotherapy on a rolling three-year basis. When spread out over the three years, this amounts to less than 5 hours per week. Registrants in the RP category will be required to report whether they meet the currency requirement for the last three calendar years at renewal. If the RP does not meet the currency requirement, they may be required to complete upgrading activities or undergo a peer and practice assessment.

RP (Inactive) registrants also need to be mindful of their currency hours. If an RP (Inactive) registrant is short of 750 currency hours in the three years prior to requesting to return to active practice, their request may be referred to the Registration Committee.

RP (Qualifying) registrants are not required to maintain 750 currency hours on a rolling three year basis. However, RP (Qualifying) registrants are required to actively pursue completion of the requirements to transfer to the RP category. 
Transparency in Invoicing – Provider Name 
CRPO recently wrote about the need for caution when other people bill on an RP’s behalf. A related issue is transparency as to who provided the therapy. Not including the name of the actual provider on invoices, receipts or forms can mislead insurers, confuse clients, and impact the reputation of the profession.

CRPO’s standard, Issuing Accurate Documents, expects registrants to “ensure that documents they sign or transmit in a professional capacity contain accurate and complete information.” While not currently explicit, it is reasonable to expect the name of the actual therapy provider to be included on documents confirming treatment of a client. It is also appropriate to expect this whether the RP issues their own invoices or someone else does so on their behalf.

Please complete our brief UPDATED survey to assist as we review and clarify this issue. Responses are anonymous.
Council Meeting
The next meeting of CRPO Council will take place on March 25, 2021. Want to attend? Register ahead of time and review the guidelines on attendance
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