Newsletter January 6, 2020
Executive Director's Post
The New Year Year begins and so does a new time for the Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce as we welcome our new Executive Director/CEO. It has been a pleasure to serve as your Interim Executive Director and look forward to working together during the transition. Having been retired from the Chamber for thirteen years and then coming back I have had the opportunity to observe several changes by both the Chamber and the Community. The most visible to me is the collaboration of many groups that are working "together" to accomplish their missions. This is very beneficial to every one of us in the community. I cannot speak for our new Executive Director/CEO but I'm sure she will find the many groups very enjoyable to work with in accomplishing the Chamber's goals.

To all you who have helped me during this time, I say thank you, it has been a pleasure. As a reminder, it is everyone's responsibility to be proactive in furthering the development of the Chamber's identity and programs that will continue its growth and benefit the community. Lets get behind the missions and push them forward through 2020.

Please see below a list of all of our upcoming events and see what our members have going on!

All the Best,
Floyd Culver
Interim Executive Director/CEO
Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce
Better Businesses and Communities

The Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce kicked off our 2020 First Friday Luncheon Series today. Our Guest speakers were representatives from  Ohio Treasurer  Robert Sprague's Office. They spoke with us regarding the multiple programs that come out of the Ohio Treasurer of States Office. Remember this series is open to the public and is a good way to see not only what is happening in Defiance but across our Region.
Check out  for more information!

Thursday, January 16th
5:00-7:00 pm

Sponsor:  Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce

Location & Caterer:  The Defiance Elks Lodge 147

Farmers and Merchants and the Role of Community Banking
Friday, February 7th
12:00 PM -1:00 PM
Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 372

February Keynote Speaker
Lars Eller
Farmers & Merchants State Bank

Tickets to attend the event are $15.00

February 4th!
Chamber News
Chamber Gift Check Program
Did you recieve a Chamber Gift Check over the holidays?

Are you a Chamber member and not sure what to do when you recieve a Chamber Gift Check for payment?

We are here to help!!

Chamber Gift Checks are regular checks and are intended for the use at any DACC Member Businesses or Organizations.
Please review the pamphlet below and do not heistate to contact us at (419) 782-7946 if you have any questions.
Member Benefit Spotlight
Did you know that your Chamber Membership Investment is more than Networking Events and Bussiness Seminars?
We have a wide array of Membership Benefits that benefit your business and your employees!

In 2020, the DACC is making it our goal to make sure each one of our members is well informed on what your benefits are and how to obtain them.
Please visit to see a complete list of benefits that are available.

If you need Proof of Membership or have any questions about these benefits please do not hesitate to contact the DACC Office.
Best Price Computers
Chamber Energy Solutions
Palmer Energy
Member to Member
Copyright Infringement
Have you received a letter or email advising you that something on your website violates a copyright and that you have to promptly pay some amount in order to avoid being sued in some remote jurisdiction?

Such communications usually come from a “copyright troll.” A copyright troll is a new form of grifter arising because of the capabilities of the Internet. Like many forms of fraud, copyright trolling works on the premise of inducing false fear and presenting an expiring “bargain.” Copyright trolling quickly becomes unprofitable if the victim seeks to substantiate the allegation of copyright infringement. Unfortunately, may attorneys facilitate copyright trolling, so even if the letter comes from an attorney it may be fraudulent.

The following actions are offered as self-help to address the problem of copyright trolls:

·          If not yet done, demand that your website designer:
o   indemnifies you from claims of copyright infringement arising from the content of your website; and
o   provides you proof that all photographs, video, music and text on your website are licensed (such as by copies of any such licenses) or were created by the website designer (such as by a written statement from the designer by email or letter).
Retain the proof provided by your website designer in your records. Please note that this action should be taken regardless of when your website was designed or most-recently updated. Also, you should take this action whenever your website is redesigned, revised or updated.

·          If you receive a letter or email advising you that something on your website violates a copyright, demand that the accuser provide:
o   the federal copyright registration number(s) of the copyrighted work(s) that have allegedly been infringed; and
o   a precise correlation between the specific part(s) of your website that allegedly infringe to the federal copyright registration number(s).
You may be contacted by a copyright owner that is acting in good faith. If this is the case, the demand will be easily satisfied. Good-faith copyright owners carefully determine if infringement has occurred, while copyright trolls make accusations without performing due diligence. If you have been contacted by a copyright troll, this demand will likely end the correspondence because of the effort required to satisfy the demand. Do not hesitate to repeatedly insist that the accusing party provide a thorough and precise comparison between what is covered by the copyright and what is found on your website.

·          If the accusing party provides a federal copyright registration number and correlates a part of your website to that number, propose to remove the allegedly infringing part of your website in order to settle the matter, so long as that part of your website is not commercially important.
Typically, a copyright owner acting in good faith merely demands that the infringing content be removed from the website and does not demand a monetary settlement.

Unfortunately, further self-help actions are not recommended and you should retain legal counsel if:
·          the allegation of copyright infringement is not resolved after the actions set forth above;
·          it seems that the accusing party is demanding changes to your website that are excessive or will be commercially-damaging to your business;
·          the accusing party is demanding a monetary settlement; or
·          the accusing party fails to provide a federal copyright registration number or fails to correlate a specific part of your website to that number, but continues to demand payment.
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