January 2024 Newsletter

NOAS celebrated a sweet sibling adoption. 

McKinley, Rose, and Taylor were adopted and never have to worry about being separated again. We are so happy for this beautiful family as they embark on this new chapter of their lives. They deserve to have a journey filled with love, joy, and endless precious moments.


celebrates the power and impact of mentoring

This connection is especially important to the foster youth that NOAS serves. National Mentoring Month is an opportunity for caring adults to look to the future and, with purpose and shared commitment, support youth in their communities.

Please join NOAS' next virtual Mentor orientation on January 22 at 6 pm if you are interested in becoming a mentor.

Register by email or by calling Kaitlin at [email protected] or 330-980-4505.


30 years at NOAS

Michelle was hired in January 1994 by the NOAS founding Director, Barbara Lewis Roberts. She served on the Adoptive Parent Leadership Circle federal opportunities grant as the project secretary. Afterward, she went on to serve as project secretary for families for teens. Michelle also served NOAS in many other roles during her 30 years - inquiry specialist, licensing specialist, executive assistant, training coordinator, CQI coordinator, accreditation specialist, and lastly, Director of training. Wearing multiple hats, 20+ years have been spent serving the region’s Adoption assessors by coordinating training for the Ohio child welfare training program. Michele spent 7+ years doing this work as a contractor while working in human resources at various healthcare facilities in the area until returning to NOAS once again as a full-time employee in 2018. Michelle says she has worked with many wonderful coworkers throughout the 30 years that she served NOAS and is happy to support the mission of the agency. Michelle also enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren and enjoys outdoor activities and travel.


Mr. Burgan is the second-generation co-owner of Burgan Real Estate, following in his father’s footsteps. Burgan Real Estate has grown to more than $100 million in sales, up from $52 million in their first year as co-owners. The company has launched its “Better with Burgan” commitment to “growing agents, fulfilling client needs … and supporting the community.” Mr. Burgan has been a member of Boardman Rotary, created a grant for entrepreneurial students at Youngstown State University in honor of his father, and has been a trustee of the Penguin Club, a booster organization for YSU athletics. He is heavily involved in the local community and passionate about NOAS’ mission, as he was adopted as a child.


The NOAS staff celebrated Kim Stewart’s retirement. Kim is retiring after 29 years of service to spend more time with family. We are so grateful to Kim for her dedication, knowledge, and impact on NOAS. She led many successful projects, mentored and inspired colleagues, and consistently exceeded expectations. Her commitment and expertise have left a lasting impression on NOAS, and her retirement is bittersweet.


NOAS seeks advisory board members for our DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion) committee. The purpose of our committee is to guide staff to celebrate diversity and inclusion and acknowledge that every viewpoint should be heard and respected. NOAS is committed to a diverse culture that is welcoming to all. If you are interested in serving as an advisory board member, email Simone Gant at [email protected].

Reserve your seat for O'Malley's Murder Mystery


Become a foster or foster-to-adopt parent through NOAS. We will be there for you every step of the way. Join our virtual Pre-Placement Education Training Classes beginning January 27, 2024.

For more information or to register, please call 800-686-6627 ext. 126 or email [email protected].


Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®), is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. Foster parents raising older foster children who struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges can benefit from CORE Teen.

Would you like to learn more? Contact Kelli at [email protected] to register for one of our training courses. Click here to view the full schedule.


Congratulations to Sarah Pinciaro on her promotion to Wendy's Wonderful Kids (WWK) Supervisor. Previously, Sarah worked as a WWK Recruiter with NOAS. Sarah brings a wealth of experience and a wide range of skills to the WWK Team. She has our full support and we wish her every success in her new position.

Meet Heavenly,

Age 12

Heavenly is a sweet out going young lady. She can be shy at times but will quickly warm up to you. She is more of a tomboy enjoying the comfort of loose clothing and her hair pulled up in a ponytail.

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See more children who are waiting for a family just like yours.


benchmark report

"All Children - All Families: Benchmarks of LGBTQ+ Inclusion," ACAF (All Children All Families) announced that in 43 states, 172 child welfare agencies employing over 30,500 professionals and serving more than 1.4 million children, youth, and families annually implemented LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and affirming practices. 

ACAF and leading child welfare agencies are changing the way LGBTQ+ youth and families are served.

NOAS is proud to be one of those agencies. Our agency is the only one in Ohio's northern half to provide these inclusive services to foster youth and their families. LGBTQ+ youth and families benefit greatly from these inclusive services. By implementing LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and affirming practices, NOAS is creating safe and affirming environments where LGBTQ+ youth can thrive, receive the necessary support, and find loving and accepting families. 

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OCCHA and NOAS are collaborating to educate and recruit foster parents in Latino communities.

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