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Issue: #28

January/February 2014

Feature Tracking in CIMS

In version 4.3 of CIMS we added on the ability to place "features" on the CIMS map. These features included bushes, trees, fire hydrants and several other generic shapes such as triangles, circles and stars. Along with choosing the size and color of the particular feature, users can also add in remarks that are viewable via CemTips. We have recently released version 4.4 of CIMS and have added several other shapes such as buildings, vases, and water, electric and sanitary sewer lines.  


The Place Features window has also been enhanced to allow for better control of your CIMS map while placing features. Users now have the ability to turn on and off the burial shapes, marker shapes and vault shapes right from the place features window.  


If you'd like assistance in using the features layer, call our technical support staff at (800) 332-7532 or send an email to Rachel Tygum at Some of the new feature shapes are shown below.


Curtis' Corner  

Optimizing your CIMS Map for Printing

From time to time, the CIMS Tech Support Team will get a phone call from someone asking for help with printing their CIMS map. Often these people are surprised when we show them little secrets like turning off layers, and making others transparent so more information is legible. The example demonstrated below shows the Owner Names and Burial Names on the map at the same time.   


From this CIMS configuration, we can see the Space Numbers (1,2,3,4 in White), the Grave Owner (Mrs. Joy Hall, also in White), and the name of each internment (Names in Red, matching the Red outline of the Caskets).


To replicate this configuration on your own CIMS map, go to the Map Options Window, click over the Layer Legends Tab, and complete these steps:

  1. On the Spaces layer, label the field by Alias + Owner name. Make the Label Font a bright color, such as white.
  2. On the Burials Layer, Select a Fill Style of Transparent Fill. Make the outline color the same color as your Label Font color. Depending on your preferences, you can also make the Outline Width thicker by selecting a larger number in the Outline Width Dropdown Menu. The example above was an outline width of 3.
  3. Click apply and zoom to a small area. Verify that you can read the information that you need. If you can't, you may need to make the font sizes smaller for the Space and Burial layers.


One other note on CIMS printing: the smaller the area that you are trying to print, the better luck you will have in seeing all the information on your CIMS Map. If you try to print a large area, like an entire section or more, you may not be able to read the Burial and Owner Names.

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Interesting CIMS Statistics 


-We have clients in 5 countries: Australia, USA, Canada, Guam, and Malaysia. 


-CIMS is being used in 46 states! The only ones we're not in are Arizona, Nevada, Rhode Island and Vermont. So if you know a cemetery in need of software in one of those states, send them our way!  


-Our most populous states are Wisconsin with 62 clients, Illinois with 61, and Minnesota and Ohio with 38.


-There are 790 cemeteries using our software.  475 have CIMS, 315 have CIMS Light.


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