January/February 2015
Welcome to your First 
Healthy Restaurants Newsletter!
Healthy Howard is pleased to announce that Amy Adler was recently appointed as the new Healthy Restaurants Coordinator. Please feel free to contact her with any questions at 410-313-4267 or aadler@healthyhowardmd.org.

As a member of the Healthy Restaurants programs you are making a difference in the lives of Howard County residents, workers, and visitors. According to the newest statistics, Howard County residents rank second in the state for highest proportion of healthy weight residents! Every little bit counts and we would like to commend you on the efforts you've made as part of this program.
Recertification: If your restaurant was slated to recertify in 2014, the deadline has been extended to February 15, 2015. If you have not received your application please email or call Amy Adler at 410-313-4267 or aadler@healthyhowardmd.org. You can also fill it out online by clicking here  provided that your expansion criteria, recipes, and affidavit are submitted separately. If you have questions about your restaurant's status please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Adler.

If your restaurant's information has stayed the same (i.e. same contact person, same menu items) your application can be streamlined. Click here, to start the process.
Social Media Campaigns: We're promoting Healthy Restaurants through social media. Do you have an event coming up or a new healthy menu item you want to promote? Was your restaurant recently featured in a publication? Send your photos and content over to aadler@healthyhowardmd.org and we'll review it for posting!
Health Insurance Open Enrollment is running now through February 15th. If your staff members are uninsured and/or need more information about coverage have them call The Door to Healthcare at