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Dr. h.c. Huub Lelieveld
The Netherlands

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United States

Dr. Sangsuk Oh

Dr. Gerhard Schleining

Dr. Vishweshwaraiah Prakash

Dr. Bernd van der Meulen
The Netherlands

Irena Soljic, MSc.


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Executive Director
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General Secretary

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Ambassador Programme Director
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Meetings Coordinator

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Ms. Michaela Pichler (Chair) 

ICC, Vienna, Austria 


Dr. Hans Steinhart

EuCheMS Food Chemistry Division, Hamburg, Germany


Dr. Pablo Juliano

CSIRO, Werribee, Australia


Dr. V. Balasubramaniam

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA


Dr. Pingfan Rao

Fuzhou University and Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, Fujian, China


Dr. Jaap Hanekamp

Roosevelt Academy, Tilburg,  

The Netherlands


Dr. Sian Astley

EuroFIR, Brussels, Belgium


Dr. Maria Tapia

Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela


Dr. Kwang-Ok Kim

Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea




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Dr. Pablo Juliano



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It has been my intention to write a bit more about what is going on in GHI, because that is much. That is also exactly why I have just a short message, but I shall keep my promise to write more next time, in particular about the forthcoming 1st GHI World Congress on Food Safety and Security that will be held in Leiden, The Netherlands, from 24-28 March 2019. Because in parts of the world it has been too cold for the time of the year while in other parts is has been too hot, and in part of the world there has been too much precipitation while there is a shortage of rainfall in others, I wish everybody much better weather in the future.

I would like to thank Dr. Hans Steinhart for his activity as the representative of the Food Chemistry Division of EuCheMS in GHI. I have had many interesting discussions about food chemistry with him, I have worked with him for many decades. The GHI Board welcomes Dr. Michael Murkovic as his successor. Michael is a long-time member of GHI and is very motivated to be active in his new role.
Huub Lelieveld  
 President, GHI  

GHI Scientific Project Participation      

After consultation with the Supervisory Board to ensure that GHI's impartiality will not be compromised, GHI has accepted invitations to participate in scientific projects where harmonized science based regulations are considered important.

One of these projects is running: Suit4Food, an EU Erasmus project. The overall goal of the project is to train young researchers and engineers (MSc or PhD) in the area of sustainable technologies for controlling food safety and stability. GHI will participate in courses by lecturing about the goals and methods of GHI.

For similar reasons GHI has agreed to participate in a recently submitted project proposal of an EU funded but global project, "International network for validation and application of non-thermal technologies," involving participants from many EU and non-EU countries.

Second GHI Book Available

Editors: V. Prakash, Olga Martin-Belloso, Larry Keener, Sian Astley, Susanne Braun, Helena McMahon and Huub Lelieveld
2015  |  536 pages  |  Elsevier Academic Press
Regulating Safety of Traditional and Ethnic Foods is the second book in the GHI Series published by Elsevier Academic Press. Authors examine a variety of traditional foods from around the world, their risks and benefits, and how regulatory steps may assist in establishing safe parameters for these foods without reducing their cultural or nutritive value in today's diets. Visit the Elsevier Store page for pricing and ordering details. GHI members receive a 30% discount by using the special code GHI30.

GHI - European Commission Relations      

GHI has been approved by the European Commission as a transparent organization and has been included in the EU Transparency Register .
GHI has also been recognized by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as an Academia stakeholder organization. As such and from now on GHI will: 
  • Engage with EFSA on the Terms of Reference for risk assessments that are initiated by EFSA
  • Engage in scientific guidance documents
  • Take part in roundtables and discussion groups on specific scientific issues
  • Contribute data and scientific expertise to EFSA's risk assessments
  • Receive information about on-going and upcoming EFSA activities, publications and communications
  • Network with other stakeholders in the area of food safety and contribute to EFSA's work plans and priorities at the EFSA annual Stakeholder Forum
GHI members are invited to join the EFSA scientific conference in Parma, 18-21 September 2018. The motto of the conference is "contextualising risk assessment", meaning reflecting on the future of risk assessment in food safety while acknowledging the social and political context within which it operates. For information, see https://conference.efsa.europa.eu.                  
On invitation, GHI has submitted a preliminary recommendation on the revisions of food irradiation regulations in the EU. The core of the preliminary GHI comment is:
The GHI would like to call for a complete revision of the Directives 1999/2/EC and 1999/3/EC due to the lack of harmonization with the Codex Alimentarius and the barriers for trade it created. These are against the Treaty of Rome for a free commerce between Member States (MS). Food irradiation is generally recognized as safe as by many organizations. The over-regulating nature of Directives 1999/2/EC and 1999/3/EC hampers the development and commercialization of irradiation plants and food treated with irradiation.
The Food Preservation Technologies WG is preparing a white paper on the subject about which the membership will be informed and invited for comments in the near future.
Order Your Copy of GHI's First Book and Receive a 30% Discount

Based on the principles of GHI, Ensuring Global Food Safety: Exploring Global Harmonization offers a rational and multi-faceted approach to current food safety issues, while arguing that a science-based global regulatory framework will enhance the safety, availability and quality of the food supply worldwide.

Get a 30% discount by using Code GHI30 when you order your copy from Academic Press/Elsevier...
Publications of Interest
Kataryna Onul, author of the regulatory chapter in the forthcoming book "Nutrition and health aspects of traditional and ethnic foods in Eastern Europe," led the development of the report "Comparative Analysis of Certain Requirements of Food Legislation in the European Union and the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan," published in May 2015. This is a very good and interesting report, in particular for everybody involved in regulations or criticizing regulations.

Chapters include:
  • Requirements to Food Quality in the European Union and the Customs Union
  • Requirements to Food Labelling in the European Union and the Customs Union
  • Food and Food-related Articles and Materials that Require Special Authorization
  • Laboratory Control and Food Safety Criteria in the European Union and the Customs Union
The report can be downloaded for free from Open Knowledge World Bank.

also has finalized the English version of another document that may be of interest to GHI members. The main purpose of that publication is to help food business operators to access the EU and Chinese markets. It provides invaluable information about specific requirements for microbiological criteria in food products that any food business operator needs to comply with when deciding to export products to China and the EU. Knowledge of the specific requirements of trading partners is of paramount importance for companies that aspire to open new export markets and to reach new consumers. The publication will be of value to potential exporters and relevant state authorities, as it will serve as a basis for further analysis of food related requirements in the EU and China.

This document can be downloaded from Open Knowledge World Bank.

In 2017 GHI President Huub Lelieveld wrote an article providing a survey of what issues need addressing by the global scientific society: "Why harmonize food regulations and what is needed to make it work?". It was published in Scientific Bulletin, Series F. Biotechnologies, Vol. XXI, 289-297. Download by clicking here.

Viduranga Waisundra, GHI Ambassador to Sri Lanka, also edited an open access book about cassava, a staple food for many nations. Because of that, it is of potential interest to many members, in particular that import or export cassave and products based on cassava. It can be viewed online here.  
GHI Ambassador Web Pages 

GHI Ambassadors! You now have the opportunity to communicate your GHI activities on a web page dedicated to your country or region. Check out the individual Ambassador pages already posted on GHI's new website for ideas and inspiration on what to post!

Please download and complete the GHI Ambassador Web Page Submission Form (.docx) and return it with your photo today!


For more information about becoming a GHI Ambassador, please email Dr. Alina-Ioana Gostin, GHI Ambassador Programme Director.

Conferences & Meetings  

GHI regularly makes presentations and holds general and working group meetings in conjunction with scientific and food industry conferences around the globe.

Please check
our website for details and links, or   contact us via email to submit listings.

9th Central European Congress on Food (CEFood)
24-26 May 2018
Sibiu, Romania
This year's theme is: Global and Local Challenges in Food Science and Technology. All interested scientists, professionals, companies, governmental officials and professional associations working in the fields of food production, food processing, food quality and safety, nutrition, engineering and design, innovative technologies from Europe and all around the world are invited to attend this event. GHI is a supporting organization of this event. Visit the conference website for program details. 

NUTRICON 2018 Congress
13.June.2018 to 15.June.2018
Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
GHI is a supporting organization of this event. Visit the Congress web page for details on registration discounts for GHI members.

5th International ISEKI_Food Conference
3-5 July 2018
University of Hohenheim, Germany 

The general aim of the  ISEKI_Food conference series  is to contribute to the creation of an "open" international forum for researchers, education scientists, technologists and industry representatives as well as food consumers, to promote constructive dialogue and collaboration on topics relevant to food science and technology, industry and education. GHI is a supporting organization and is planning a GHI Workshop on Training for Food Handlers on Tuesday, 3 July 2018, from 9:00 to 12:30.
Feel free to download and distribute the 2018 ISEKI_Food Conference flyer here. Visit the conference website for updates. 

Innovations in Food Analytics-
An International Conference & Expo
19-21 September 2018
Erding, Munich, Germany

Organized by Acad-Indus International Conventions in cooperation with Global Harmonization Initiative and Stadthalle Erding. For the first of its kind, this conference will attract delegates across the world to present their research and ideas and network with scientists from industry and academia. Please visit the conference website for details.

B-FoST Conference
15-17 October 2018
Yerevan, Armenia

GHI is a supporting organization, and will hold a GHI General Meeting at this conference. Please visit the conference website for details.

19th IUFoST World Food Science and Technology Congress
23 -27 October 2018
Mumbai, India

Registration is now open for IUFoST 2018, which brings together researchers, academicians, professionals, policy makers and food scientists and industries to explore the latest advances in our understanding of food in all its manifestations, including food safety, food security, regulations, innovations in food processing, hygienic design and engineering, frontier areas in food science and technology, novel food products, markets and consumer preferences.
Download the IUFoST information flyer and/or the IUFoST 2018 leaflet here. GHI is a supporting organization, and will hold a GHI General Meeting at this conference. Find out more at the conference website.

32nd EFFoST International Conference
6-8 November 2018
Nantes, France

This year's theme is: Developing innovative food structures and functionalities through process and reformulation to satisfy consumer needs and expectations Abstract Submission Deadline: 27 April 2018. GHI is a supporting organization of this conference. Find out more at the conference website.

Save the Date
Please visit the official website at www.ghiworldcongress.org for details and updates. 


Founded in 2004 as a joint activity of the US-based Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) International Division and the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST), the Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) is a network of scientific organizations and individual scientists working together to promote harmonization of global food safety regulations and legislation. For more information, please visit our website at

GHI has legal non-profit entity status and its charter and constitution are registered in Vienna, Austria as the GHI-Association (ZVR453446383).

GHI is an initiative of the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST), which is the European part of the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) and the International Division of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). GHI is supported by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) and many other organizations.