Professional Development and Training
Professional Development and Training
Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
Dear Colleague:

The beginning of the year is a good time to consider our professional abilities. This might result in our "skilling up" in some areas. For some, such as educators, sometimes this is referred to as "professional development" or PD. It can take the form of intensive training and developing "hard skills" or more subtle "soft skills." In this newsletter, I will share a range of professional development and training opportunities coming up that focus on innovative skills relating to global issues, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and international education. These will include conferences as well as "one off" trainings.

Right now I'm arranging my spring travel. If you are interested in a visit for a career or coaching workshop or a talk on the field, let me know.

David J. Smith
January 29, 2019

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Some Advice for 2019
Chapter Published in Study Abroad Book for Community Colleges

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Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Conferences & Training
Preparing Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders: Career Paths in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
Columbus, OH
April 5-6, 2019

Heal the Divide
Tucson, AZ
September 18-21, 2019

Peace Com 2019
Washington, DC
October 2-4, 2019

Local Alignments, Global Upheaval
Winnipeg, MB
October 4-6, 2019
Reads About Training & Professional Development
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Forbes Coaches Council

Here are a few pieces that I recently published as part of Forbes Coaches Council.


ACR Resolution Careers Edition: Check it Out!
I was honored to serve as co-editor with Julie Shedd, associate dean at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, for the most recent edition of ACResolution , the professional magazine of the Association for Conflict Resolution. This is a jam packed edition full of advice from authorities on career exploration in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Click here for the entire edition.

Career Coaching

Are you looking to make a career change in 2019 and looking at the international education, peacebuilding or conflict resolution fields? I am coaching younger and mid-career professionals who are looking to make a career change. 

Information Age Publishing has recently reduced the price of Peace Jobs to make it more affordable to students. It is now available for $33.99 . It can also be ordered in a  Kindle edition .  

I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.' ''  
-Muhammad Ali
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