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  • JAMDA Publishes Research on Green House Model's Resilience to COVID-19
  • New Video Illustrates the Green House Journey through the Pandemic
  • Green House Home Development Launches in Louisiana
  • Nine Green House Homes Open in Arkansas
  • Green House In the News
  • Need Inspiration? Check out Our Podcast Page
  • Our Popular Social Connectedness Webinar Series Continues
  • New Webinar Series on Green House Design Begins April 6

LTC Journal Publishes Research on Green House Model's Resilience to COVID-19
As long-term care providers look to reinvent their models in a post-COVID world, Green House and small house nursing homes “are an especially promising model,” according to a study published online on Jan. 25 in JAMDA, the Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine

Titled “Nontraditional Small House Nursing Homes Have Fewer COVID-19 Cases and Deaths,” the study found that nursing homes created under Green House and small house models have significantly fewer cases and deaths from COVID-19 than traditional nursing homes do, including those with less than 50 beds and more than 50 beds, especially among the higher and extreme values. 

"This research marks a significant milestone in recognition and awareness of the Green House model," said Senior Director Susan Ryan. "I have such heartfelt appreciation for the heroism of our adopters during this ongoing crisis. They have provided stability and security during turbulence and courage amid chaos and uncertainty. I am especially grateful for their willingness to share their data throughout the monthly COVID data collection."

New Video Illustrates the Green House Journey Amid the Pandemic
Just a few months into the pandemic, it became apparent that Green House homes were faring better than traditional nursing homes. When the University of North Carolina partnered with Green House to collect and analyze data, the picture became clearer and more obvious--Green House was made for this moment. This video tells the story of how the revelation unfolded.d
Green House Development Project Launches in
New Orleans
GHP is excited to welcome Poydras Home to the Green House Community. This community's expansion project will include three trademarked Green House Homes and three homes, serving 14 elders each, infused with the Green House core values. As the video indicates, this project represents the first Green House Homes in Louisiana, which will be built in the heart of New Orleans.
Nine Green House Homes Open in Mena, Ark.
Southern Administrative Services (SAS) opened its fifth campus of Green House homes earlier this month, with the Green House Cottages of Homewood in Mena, Ark. Elders moved into the nine new homes with the assistance of staff and families.

"The elders were thrilled with their new home and the staff was so excited as well," said John Montgomery, vice president of strategic operations for SAS. "It is such a blessing to be able to serve our elders in this manner in this wonderful place. There is a big smile under every mask on campus."
Green House in the News
The Green House model continues to accumulate unprecedented positive media attention from outlets across the country and around the world.
So you want to transform eldercare? Listen to our podcast!
Elevate Eldercare has created an incredible body of long-term care thought leadership during the eight months since its launch.

Guests from all corners of the aging services field representing a multitude of organizations, including The New Jewish Home, Perkins Eastman, Nexus Insights, The Jewish Home Family, A.G. Rhodes, National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care, The John A. Hartford Foundation, and many more, have taken time to sit down with host Susan Ryan each week to offer their insights and analysis on the state of eldercare today, what it could look like in the future, and what can be done to improve it.

Green House colleagues Mary Hopfner-Thomas and Marla DeVries have recorded rapid-fire recaps of each episode that explore themes and offer actionable takeaways. You can find each of the 54 episodes in an easily accessible format on our website here:
2021 Social Connectedness Webinar Series Continues
Our Building Social Connectedness in a Disconnected World series continues:. Living with Risk: Finding the Balance and Connected & Engaged: A Panel Discussion are up next.

More details, registration, and recordings of past webinars HERE.
Green House Design Series Begins April 6
This three-part series examines the design principles of Green House and human-centered design: Before the Front Door; House and Home; and Dignity, Privacy, and Choice.  

Dates are as follows: April 6, April 20, and May 4. Stay tuned for links to register!