January/February 2019



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We have entered a "3" year in numerology - supportive energy for creativity and manifestation! 

Energies were already powerful on the January 21 lunar eclipse and  supermoon! 

On  January 22 (in the supermoon energy),  Cindy channeled a collective of prophets, including Muhammad and Zoroaster and powerful energy transmissions/calibrations! Next monthly channeling session:  Tuesday February 19

More new & exciting experiences to come! Read on...

2018 in Review

We gathered in the  Great Circle Mound in Newark, OH on both June 23 for a powerful  Summer Solstice ceremony, and  September 23 at 11:11 for the Fall Equinox.

Cindy regressed hundreds of participants in her  Past Life Regression  presentations and  workshops in Columbus, Cincinnati and Raleigh, NC.

Cindy helped participants awaken their Kundalini in workshops in Columbus and Raleigh, NC.

"Cindy Riggs & The Gong Experience"  at the Newark, OH  Masonic
Temple was a well-received,  unique   and powerful experience! 

More From Beyond podcast episodes were recorded and made available by Cindy and Michael. More to come!

And speaking of channeling...
In the regular monthly sessions, Cindy channeled AshtaRah, the Angelic Realm, Pleiadeans, Enoch, Shakti, Ra, Kwan Yin, a creator god collective, Viracocha, Melchizedek, the Divine Feminine collective, and of course The Oneness (which is the comprehensive Universe/all high-level spirit consciousness)! 2018 was Cindy's 13th year of monthly sessions, and also the first year that the sessions all included a group Ego Removal Technique at the beginning and energy transmissions at the end!

Cindy conducted special event channeling sessions with the Angelic Realm, Master Jesus, and ended 2018 with Mother Mary.

What's in store for  Cindy's channeling sessions in 2019? Even Cindy doesn't know until it happens.  You just have to be there to find out! 

 NEW! ❤️
(But not really)

Did you know?

For many years, Cindy has offered "2-table sessions" in her office to help people connect with each other energetically. These sessions are for couples, soul friends, family members or any two people who wish to strengthen and harmonize the spiritual and energetic bonds between them

Cindy performs powerful spiritually guided energy work (similar to a Defragmenting session) in this cozy setting on both fully-clothed people at once , and often messages from guiding spirits are shared in this 60 minute session. Deeply relaxing and enlightening! 
"LoveLight Connection" Sessions
2 tables, 2 people, $125.

Schedule now for Valentine's week! Or create your own occasion anytime! Contact Cindy to schedule.
Gift Certificates available in the CindyRiggs.com Store

(Thank you to "Angel Robert" and "Sparkley" for inspiring these sessions! ❤️)


Cornerstone Energetics Expo
Creating the Platform for Spiritual Fitness

One Day Only!
Saturday Feb. 16, 10:00 - 4:00

Cindy will  provide workshops throughout the day:

11:00 - Past Life Regression Workshop
1:00 - Q&A with Cindy
2:00 - Meet Your Spirit Guides
($20. per person, per workshop; space is limited) More details

Cindy will also be offering mini-Defragmenting sessions 
for new Defragmenting clients (30 minutes each, $75.)
Only 4 spaces available!    Scheduling is in-person at the event.

This event also includes other presentations and psychic readers!  More details

Located at Cindy's office with Cornerstone Energetics - 6797 North High Street, Suite 134, Worthington, OH 43085.

Live Trance Channeling in Columbus, OH
Tuesday February 19, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
In the February Full Moon/Supermoon energy!

The Executive House
6797 N. High St., Suite 134, Worthington, OH 43085
$35. per person*
Pre-pay from Cindy's new online  Store!

Encounter powerful energy, receive personal messages, and be inspired! W ho knows what else you might experience?

These monthly sessions all now begin with a group ego removal technique and conclude with an energy transmission! 

This is Cindy's 14th year of monthly channeling sessions, and each one is more powerful than the last!

*MP3 audio recording available for personal message for an additional $5. (optional). 

Pre-pay from Cindy's online  Store!

 Cindy's Newest Testimonials!

"I had a great experience and you're amazing. I'm feeling like I'm living another life, thanks to you, I feel amazing and my mind is thinking in a different way, waoooo how incredible you are.  I'll contact you soon for more."

"Thanks, Cindy! It was such a great experience and I appreciate your gift of sight so much. Thank you for sharing it with me."

"I read your books and my life was changed."

"Without you as part of this life, my walk in the body would be vastly harder and darker.  Your help with coaching, guiding, teaching, training, picking up when beaten down, has no price, yet with limitless value.  Just wanted you to know how much am grateful for all you do for myself and a vast array of others. 
It's better when our coaches are on the field with us."
Read more Testimonials

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Cindy Riggs

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