Happy New Year!
My BaZi Chart (Destiny Chart) has a lot of Fire elements in it. The 2019 Earth Pig Year is great for people that have a lot of Fire elements in their BaZi chart. If you do have Fire elements dominating your BaZi this year, you will have more opportunities come your way. 

Get your BaZi charts at www.masteryacademy.com , press on upper right middle icon called BaZi plotter. Register if you are a new user, create password, and ID. You can chart your family members chart also. 
Learn about the Exterior Environments according to Classical Feng Shui teachings. I will be covering negative and positive features in the environment. 

Here is the link for the application . If you refer a friend to this course it’s 10% off the price. We will meet six times on Zoom. Some of the subjects covered in this class include: 
  • The importance of the environment in Classical Feng Shui
  • Good and bad mountain landforms; good and bad bodies of water
  • How to pick land with good feng shui
  • Freeways. flyovers, roads are the conveyors of Qi
  • Electrical poles and wires, TV broadcasting satellite towers, computers, cell phones
  • Negative features in buildings and buildings to avoid living near
  • Landforms and water that will bring you good luck for 20 years
  • Driving around the neighborhood and investigating the history of the land
  • Teach your children and your grandchildren to pick the right house, so they will live a prosperous and happy life
  • Missing sectors of the home and their impact
  • How to pick a good house in our neighborhood by looking at forms and landforms

There will be much more- environmental external Feng Shui is a broad subject. Fundamentals of Classical Feng Shui will be given in the first two sessions.
Week 1 - Lesson 1
  • The Yin Yang Theory
  • The eight Trigrams
  • Early Heaven BaGua
  • The Hetu numbers
  • Later Heaven BaGua
  • The Hetu and Luoshu
  • 9 period cycles

Week 2 - Lesson 2
Two schools of Classical Feng Shui:
  • San He- 3 Harmony School, focus on environmental factors
  • Uses stems and branches
  • 3 combination theory
  • San Yuan – 3 cycles School
  • System is based on time cycle
  • Uses Gua(trigram attributes) to assess quality of Qi
  • Schools of San Yuan
-Xuan Kong Da Gua (Time & Space 64 Hexagrams *this is very advanced)
-Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars)
- BaZhai (Eight Mansions *this is a big subject, it takes complete 4 hrs
Rich Blessings to All,

Janet Louie, CFSC
Golden Phoenix Feng Shui
Janet L. Louie  is the founder of Golden Phoenix Feng Shui. She is a Certified Feng Shui consultant, BaZi Reader, and Ze Ri Date Selection Practitioner. She gives her clients simple and effective advice for activating and aligning their homes and businesses for healthy, balanced, and successful living. She offers exceptional guidance, healing and consultations to improve her clients health and prosperity. 
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