Full Circle
Circle Center's E-Newsletter
"There are far, far better things ahead
than any we leave behind."
-C.S. Lewis
Happy New Year!

It may seem strange to celebrate a NEW year, when so many of the challenges from last year are still with us. However we are entering into 2021 with hope, and with gratitude that we have been able to serve our families for as long as we have. Whatever the coming months bring, our commitment is the same: to provide a safe and happy environment for our participants and support for our care partners.

One of the things we have focused on and that we will continue to bring into our 2021 planning, is communication. We have worked to find new ways to communicate with all of you, and we thank you for your shared commitment to this. Every time you read an issue of Full Circle, follow along with our latest Facebook post, read our letters, or call us or send us an email, you remind us why communication is so important.

In the spirit of communication, we will share with you a few COVID-19 updates, as we all follow the news about the vaccine and case numbers, we are sure there will be many questions We will also share some fun and heartwarming happenings and Moments of Joy from around the Center, and introduce a few new faces too!.

We also hope that you will continue to reach out, let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and share with us any moments of Joy that we have been a part of, this year or last! Thank you for all of your support during 2020 and we look forward to what 2021 will bring!
COVID-19 Updates & Vaccine News
Vaccine Update
While Adult Day was not included in the first round of priority vaccine distribution (phase 1a), we have since learned that Adult Day will be considered part of priority phase 1b! We are in close contact with Virginia Department of Health about the logistics and timeline surrounding a vaccine clinic for Circle Center. When we know more we will communicate with you as soon as possible about this exciting development.   

Policy Reminders
We have modified our policies and procedures as we continue to navigate the pandemic and work to stay ahead of the latest news and updates. We have created plans and strategies so that we are prepared for any situation we may encounter regarding potential cases or exposure that affect Center participants or staff. We regularly update the website with our updated policies. We have recently shared reminders with our families and participants regarding our policies; such as no one being permitted on-site who is experiencing any symptoms (for the full list of symptoms we consider, please click HERE); protocol regarding staff or participant attendance while awaiting test results or after exposure. For more information please check our website or contact us with any specific questions.
New Air Purification System!
We continue to actively look for ways to bolster and increase our health and safety measures to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. So we are very excited to announce that we are in the process of installing a new PureAir HVAC system! The PureAir system will distribute sanitization evenly throughout our facility, attack pollutants in the air and surfaces 24/7, and provide germicidal UV disinfection. The PureAir uses Active Radiant Catalysis, or ARC®, a proprietary form of photocatalytic oxidation that is safe for humans and animals.
Meaningful Meals
We were recently the recipients of lunch, provided and delivered by Meaningful Meals! Claudia Biegler and Janet Meyers wanted to find a way to recognize frontline and healthcare workers in our community and they started a non-profit through Richmond Jewish Foundation to provide meals, from their partner Garnish Catering. We were thrilled to be selected and our team was very happy to take a well deserved break and enjoy a delicious meal!

Lunch was indeed such a treat for our staff, as many of us spend the day running around with little time to focus on ourselves, but it was truly being selected by Meaningful Meals and the recognition and appreciation by the community of our work, that was both an honor and a morale boost. 

This was also a reminder of just how powerful our community is. In October, our friends at the Jewish Women's Club asked Jay to speak (virtually) and introduce their members to Circle Center and the important role Adult Day serves for our aging adults and care partners in our community. Claudia, a member of the JWC, heard Jay speak and added Circle Center to the list of Meaningful Meals recipients. You know we love a good Full Circle moment!

They have now served over 700 healthcare workers and reached over 20 organizations. Thank you to Claudia, Janet, Meaningful Meals, Richmond Jewish Foundation, and Garnish for providing this support and recognition to frontline workers in our community!

Click HERE to learn more about Meaningful Meals.
Welcome Students!
Students have always been an important part of our program, our community building, and support for our staff. Not only that, but our participants love having new faces around! While we have had to modify our student and university partnerships, we are thrilled to be able to welcome new students* on-site to work with our participants.

Welcome to our Recreational Therapy students who will be assisting with our programs and activities: Maggie Gessner from University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Brennae Cheatham from Longwood University, and Alexis Tucker from Old Dominion University!

We also welcome Matthew Harper, who will be completing an internship with us as he works towards his Masters in Social Work from VCU. Matthew has a background of working in schools with students who have behavioral needs and he looks forward to learning about our programs and services. He is an avid traveler who has lived and studied all over the world and likely looks forward to the opportunity to travel again...hopefully soon!

(Our students and interns follow the same health and safety protocols and procedures as all staff and participants).
The Circle Center Scene!
Proud participants display some of their recent works of art!
Painting has always been one of our favorite program activities. It is a form of self expression and creativity that also stimulates memory, facilitates coordination and movement, encourages connection and conversation, and presents a beautiful take away for our families!