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January 2021 Newsletter
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GGLRR's Virtual Pet Fair:
Watch the Zoom Recording!

Thank you to those who were able to join us for our virtual pet fair on Saturday, January 9th!  We presented the dogs we currently have up for adoption, explained our adoption process, and answered any questions that attendees had.

If you were unable to join us, you can watch the Zoom recording HERE.
Passcode: fB!V2!tj

Contact Rescue Rep Dave at [email protected] with any questions.

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Health Tips for Large Dogs

Labrador Retriever Weight Range
Average Height: 22.5-24.5 inches (male), 21.5-23.5 inches (female)
Average Weight: 65-80 pounds (male), 55-70 pounds (female)

What to Do If Your Dog Needs a Diet?
As with humans, there are a few tried-and-true methods for slimming down. First, you should check with your vet to make sure that the excess weight is not the result of an underlying health problem or disease. Also, before you change food or reduce calories, you'll want to get your dog a checkup and talk to your vet about the best options. After taking these steps, check out these helpful tips:

Measure Meals:
Keeping a diary is one of the most important steps in any human weight-loss program. Since dogs can't write, you'll have to do it for him. Keep track of how much kibble you are feeding by using a measuring cup.

Establish a Schedule
If you free feed, leaving food down all day, offer meals on a set schedule. Put the food down for a certain time, perhaps 15 minutes, and take up any food that the dog does not eat.

Limit Between-Meal Snacks
Dogs get a lot of calories in addition to their regular kibble. These can include anything from training treats to a biscuit slipped over the fence by a friendly neighbor. Those calories add up. Find out where the extras are coming from and manage how many extra goodies the dog is getting.

Choose Low-Calorie Treats
Many store-bought treats, especially biscuits, can be fattening. The same goes for chews. Some dogs will be just as happy with fruits or vegetables such as bananas, carrots, green beans, and apple slices. 

with this Stunning 2021 Calendar!

Final call to order GGLRR's gorgeous 2021 Calendar....only a handful remain!

  The 11" x 11" calendar is full-color and top-quality. Professional design and printing services were donated, so all proceeds from the calendar go to helping more homeless Labs.

Thank you to all the owners and photographers who submitted photos of their Labs for this calendar.  Each of the featured Labs was adopted from GGLRR.  See them enjoying their new lives in beautiful locations throughout northern California.

6-year-old neutered male Yellow Lab, 110 lbs. 

Gator is happy, friendly, and playful.  He is great with people but does not like other dogs.  When he sees another dog, he continues along his way and minds his own business from a distance.  If he gets too close to another dog, he will pull towards him/her, even rising on his hind legs.

Lab rescue would like to see Gator with a large-dog experienced family without any other dogs.  Because of his size and exuberance, he may potentially knock over small children so a home with older children would be better suited.  A family will need to be committed to getting him out for daily walks, playing in the yard, helping him shed unwanted pounds, and maintaining his new healthy weight.   

Gator is up to date on core vaccinations and neutered.  He will be heartworm tested.  Gator is located in San Jose.

Contact Rescue Rep Kris at [email protected]


10-year-old neutered male Chocolate Lab, 76 lbs. 
Oakley is a wonderful dog that's been dealt an unfortunate hand of neglect in his past leaving him with chronic ear infections and severe hair loss.  

He has been with Lab rescue for about a year and a half.  We need an adopter who is able to get him to occasional appointments at UC Davis and other appointments with their personal vet to manage the care of his ears.  We have him on special kibble for sensitive skin and stomach as well as a daily ear ointment medication.  He is presently seeing a dermatologist at UC Davis.

Oakley is very easy going, although strong and tends to pull on walks.  He rides beautifully in the car, has romped and played with dogs he's been around, like to be near you in the house.  He's quiet and a nice senior gentleman.  He hasn't lived with cats so we don't know how he would be around them.

Contact Rescue Rep Kris at [email protected]


~10 month-old neutered male Black Lab mix, 50 lbs. 
Homer is going to require a lot of time and patience and someone to work with  him through his teenage transition (which can be unruly and obnoxious with moments of calm).  He is certainly going to test limits and will need someone patient to let him settle in and decompress.  

Homer has been shuffled around a lot.  He was initially surrendered by an owner who got him off of Craigslist.  That person could not handle Homer's energy and puppy behavior surrendering him to the shelter after two weeks.  SFACC sent him to a volunteer/trainer where he stayed for four nights.  He was adopted out of SFACC and returned after four days as the couple couldn't handle him.  

Behaviors we enjoy:

--A cozy cuddle buddy at nap time if you sit on the floor with him.

--In general, Homer loves being outside more than inside. The backyard is a great play area. Sort of plays fetch (getting better) and loves tug of war.

--Good on a leash - does not pull, shows interest in other walkers and dogs, but does not chase (except squirrels, and who can blame him, they're so annoying, right?)

--Doesn't do marking on walks yet. Sniffs a lot, but not stopping to pee all the time - I'm sure that will come.

--So far, good meeting other humans and other dogs (there hasn't been much but he's been great about approaching calmly, without aggression, interested and friendly. He has also been willing to walk on by if the other dog owner is not interested.)

--Excellent human meal behavior. Does not beg, lays down, and pays little attention to the food. Also will pay attention when there is an activity in the kitchen but not beg

--Sleeps in a crate at night (door open). Is house trained.Very little barking. Sleeps nicely behind my office chair during the days.

--Eats well, responds to treats.

--Can sit, lay down, shake, high five. Working on come and stay. (as long as you have a treat in hand. Not as much on demand.)

--Will now show his belly when relaxed and enjoys belly rubs

--Uses dog door

Behaviors that need work:

--Mouthy - he's very soft-mouthed, but when things get a bit exciting, he will try to mouth hands and feet, especially mine. We can often distract with a toy but he may have spent a fair amount of time roughhousing this way, and thinks it's pretty fun and can't stop easily.  He will also get mouthy when one is reaching for his head or collar. In general, he does not like head pats.

--Has picked up shoes, pillows, and begun to chew. Distractible and no outright destruction accomplished.

--Jumping up on people - quickly getting much better at not doing this.

Homer is a nice dog with some challenging behaviors and is going to require a lot of time and patience for someone to work with and stick it out with him.  A family with dog-experience and one that will be able to invest in the proper training to keep him on the path to success will be ideal.  Homer likely wouldn't do well with small children, as he is still jumping, mouthing, nipping.  A quieter adult household would be better suited.  He hasn't been around cats.

Homer is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and will be heartworm tested in January.

Contact Rescue Rep Kris at [email protected]


10 month-old not-yet-spayed female Chocolate Lab mix, 45 lbs. 
The streets of Stockton were no place for this little gal; she was picked up as a stray in mid-December and taken to the local shelter.  Paprika is very skittish, especially with men.  

We believe Paprika was abused or mistreated by a man in her past.  We would like to adopt her to a home of just women - or any guy in the house needs to be prepared for an extended trust-building journey.  Paprika will require continued rehabilitation no matter who adopts her.  Not a good match for a family with young children.  She would do best in a quite calm home with a very secure backyard.

Paprika is current on Rabies and distemper vax, and microchipped.  Not yet spayed.  Paprika is located in Redwood Shores.

Contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or [email protected]


7 year-old spayed female Black Lab, 70 lbs. 
Chloe is the best dog.  She is a total love who loves belly rubs, cuddles, and being around her people.  She knows sit, stay, shake for commands and sits at the back door when she needs to use the bathroom which is not very often.  On walks she pulls a little on the leash but corrects quickly.  She doesn't like other dogs in her space and she will let them know but she won't go after another dog aggressively.  I don't feel she would like the dog park.  Chloe is fine around kids but would most likely do better around older kids.  She rides great in the car and is a mellow and sweet girl.

Chloe needs exercise and a home that will be her leader and not let her lead.  She may jump up to greet you and she could use better leash manners.  She should not be in a home with another dog and a home with cats.  Exercise is key!  

Chloe has no health issues.  She is spayed, up to date on her shots, heartworm negative and microchipped.  Chloe is currently located in Brentwood.

Contact Rescue Rep Liz at [email protected]


8 year-old neutered male Black Lab mix, 99 lbs. 
Charley is 100 lbs of sweetness.  This amazing boy has been through so much and still has so much love to give.  He is super friendly with people and other dogs.  Not sure about cats, although he is a squirrel chaser.  Because of his post-surgery recovery, he has been spending most of his time inside.  He is fully housetrained.  Charley has been left alone in the house multiple times with no issues.  He definitely knows sit and stay and will come when you call him.  He has been recovering amazingly from his surgery and has adjusted so well.  Whoever adopts sweet Charley is hitting the jackpot!

We expect him to recover fully from the amputation surgery and live a long and fulfilling life on three legs.  Charley will needs some work on walking on a leash as he pulls quite hard on the leash.  Would do fine in a home with or without another dog.  Might be a bit too exuberant for small children or someone unsteady on their feet.

With the exception of lacking one of his back legs, Charley is in great shape.  He is current on Rabies and distemper vax, heartworm negative, neutered, and microchipped.  Charley is located in Napa.

Contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or [email protected]


2 year-old not-yet-spayed female Black Lab, 50 lbs. 
Maisy is a purebred AKC-registered Lab, originally from Montant.  Trained as a field trial dog, she is full of spirit and energetic.  She cannot sit still.

Maisy will do best in a home with lots of room to run and exercise. Definitely not a city dog. May not even be a suburbia dog. Maisy's ideal adopter is an outdoors-person who loves to hunt and fish, who snowshoes in the winter, who hikes in the mountains in the summer, and who needs a devoted four-legged side-kick. Ranch life would be wonderful for Maisy. Not for the timid at heart; not for the couch-potato doggie-snuggler; not for those inexperienced with energized American field labs.

Maisy is in great shape.  She received an excellent grade for her OFA hip radiograph.  Maisy is current on distemper vax and microchipped, but due for a Rabies vax and needs to be spayed.  Maisy is currently located in Sebastopol.

Contact Rescue Rep Dave at [email protected] or 415-686-4248. 

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"Jack is doing really well. He turned 13 in July. This year his sleepy, senior lifestyle was upended with the arrival of Jesse, our new puppy. 
Jesse was smitten with Jack the moment she first laid eyes on him. Jack, on the other hand, was more reticent. Over time, Jack has "Benjamin Button-ed" - showing signs of dog play, renewed interest in toys, and loving training treats!  There were times when we questioned the wisdom of a having puppy and senior dog at the same time, but it has worked out for all!
Jack has always been people-oriented and, frankly, the awkward senior dog at the park. With Jesse, he has become more social with other dogs. He has even started to participate in some of our dog training sessions with Jesse. 
We feel so lucky to have him in our lives. Thank you for busting him out of OAS on Christmas Eve 2017, and, to LeAnn, for taking such great care of him. We are so grateful!
Below is a PDF with pictures from this past year."
Best wishes, and hope for a much brighter 2021,
Becky, Stephen, Jack, & Jesse



"Ashley, David, and Chia here to wish you all such a happy and safe new year! GGLRR (and Liz especially), has given us the greatest gift in such a sad and broken year. Chia has provided so much joy, happiness and hope for us, and we are so proud and grateful to provide such a warm and loving home for her! Thank you for being such an amazing organization- for Chia, and for all the doggos in need.

Thank you and have a safe and happy new year!"

David, Ashley and Chia



"As we approach the end of 2020, we wanted to send a quick note to update you on Bodhi.  He and we are doing great.  We actually are spending some time in Ashland, Oregon while we do some work on our home. Bodhi is loving all the trails the area has to offer as well as the fantastic (and large) dog park outside of town. Below is a picture of him and his friend, Ruthie enjoying the park. He absolutely LOVES other dogs, especially those who enjoy a good fun wrestle. 

Bodhi (all 81 lbs) has turned out to be quite a snuggler, especially in the morning or when we watch TV in the evenings. He is a real sweetheart and, I think, enjoying having us work from home and many midday walks. Although still not a perfectly mannered pup on the leash, we manage pretty well with treats and a harness. 

We are incredibly grateful to have him. I know it started a bit rough, but the situation has worked out better than we could ever have hoped.

Thank you for working with us to have Bodhi. Or, as I like to refer to him, BoDelicious!

All the best to you and happy holidays."

Cynthia and Jeff

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