A Note from Pastor Lance
To the members & friends of First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove:

2021 is off with a bang! We've already had some big moments and it's only January. Not only are big changes and events happening on a national and global level, we are seeing exciting changes happening at First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove.

On Saturday, January 16th, we had an amazing group of volunteers show up to take care of our building. Some began repairs on the kitchen ceiling, others did a deep clean in the parish hall, and others helped organize our office and install a smart doorbell. It was a beautiful sight to behold as we gave some tender love and care to our beloved building.

Additionally, we are nearing the end of our 2021 Pledge Campaign. We are already at 86% of our goal of $30,000, which means that we only have $4,120 left to go! This is also the first year (at least since 2017) that we've intentionally set aside a budget for mission and benevolence. We want to be a church that is not just about surviving, but is also about giving back to the community around us. If you have thoughts and ideas for local organizations that we can partner with, let us know!

In all of this, I see people taking ownership of the future of our community. We are trusting that God is not done with us—in fact, by giving our time, our talent, and financially we are making a statement with our actions that God is up to something here at FPC Glen Cove. So let's figure it out together!

In the meantime, if you want to grab coffee, lunch, or do a Zoom call, let me know. I am holding office hours Tuesday through Thursday and am be available by appointment. Please use this link to set up an appointment or paste this url into your search bar: https://calendly.com/lancehurst/1-on-1-meeting.

See you Sunday!

Upcoming Events & News
We're Hiring!
We're looking for a part-time Communications Manager who can help with tasks like creating this newsletter, updating our website, running our social media accounts, marketing, etc.

If you know someone that would be a great fit, please send them the job description found here.
Bible Study
9am on Sundays

We are having some pretty amazing conversations in our 9am Bible Study. We're asking big questions and really wrestling with the beliefs that we hold. Join Betty Ann Roel as she leads us through conversations on The Universal Christ.

This week, we're reading chapter 5. Click here to join via Zoom.
Ash Wednesday Service

Ash Wednesday is less than a month away! We'll gather together on the evening of February 17th to start the Lenten journey together (with live music)!

This year, we'll have the option of receiving Glitter Ashes or traditional ashes.

You can read more about Glitter Ashes here.
Congregational Meeting
February 21st after Worship
Each year we meet to check in as a community. We'll take a look at our budget, our Session, and look at our future together.

Join us after worship on February 21st.
The Glenwood Table
The Glenwood Table has resumed its regular meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 7pm. We've started a new series to explore what a faith for the 21st century looks like. We'd love to see you there.

Click here to join us on Zoom!
Looking for Info on the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Check out the Nassau County website here to find out if you're eligible for getting the vaccine. We're incredibly grateful to all of the frontline workers and researchers who are making this vaccine possible. Here's to a new future!