“Nobody is so poor that he has nothing to give,
and nobody is so rich that he has nothing to receive.”
-Pope John Paul II
Upcoming Events
Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God Mass 9:30am

Epiphany Mass 9:30am
Holy Hour 3pm

Parish Office Closed (Holiday)
Family Faith Formation Parent Session 7PM (Zoom)

Sacrament of the Sick 9:30am

Confirmation Info. Meeting 7pm (JH)

Parish Office Closed (MLK)

San Sebastian Feast Day

First Reconciliation 10am

Community Gathering 11am

Watch for Our Seed Sale Benefiting Yali

OLL's 4th Grade Teacher, Margaret Portelance, along with school parents and students will begin their Annual Seed Sale for our Sister School in Yali, Nicaragua this spring. During the school year, there are many kids that only attend Saturday school. This year the fundraiser is focusing on chairs for all the students. The chairs are $45.00 each and we hope to raise enough to cover the cost of the chairs. OLL 4th graders have harvested many of the seed themselves so watch for more info on this so we can support their hard work and support the students of Yali. To learn more about OLL's 4th Grade Seed Sale, please follow the link here.
What is a Sister Parish?
Sister parishes enter a relationship where both have something to offer each other to build a community. It is much more than a financial relationship. We become knit together like members of the same family - in this case, it is the Catholic family with shared values, rites, and practices.

The San Sebastian de Yali parish in Nicaragua, has a very strong faith that is part of their daily life. A few simple example of how we here at OLL are inspired by this is that our 4th Grade at OLL has learned the prayer to St. Sebastian (added below) and they say it at the beginning and end of everyday. We as a parish also pray for San Sebastian every weekend at Mass and have our beautiful icon created by Kathy Sievers in our church as every present reminder of our special relationship with San Sebastian.

Sister parishes are mutual support entities that look after each other. That means praying for each other, communication via emails (some of which are included below), visits, and financial support. We are fortunate to have developed a great relationship with a small parish in the village of Yali.
How Can You Help?
In June of last year, 21 households joined us for an informative and heartfelt zoom call to learn more about our Sister Parish. On that zoom call, Father Tim let us know his top 3 priorities that we can all consider doing today for our Sister Parish:

1) Prayer for San Sebastian de Yali.

2) A Monetary Donations. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so HERE.

3) Participate in our Sister Parish Committee. If you interested in joining the Sister Parish Committee, please email the parish office. 
Immaculate Conception Celebration Last Month
Just like at OLL, our Sister Parish honors the Immaculate Conception on December 8th. At San Sebastion de Yali they also have special altars in honor of the day as well as Purisimas, a tradition that comes from their ancestors. Keyla says, "I grew up celebrating Purisimas with my family. My great-grandmother started the tradition. Homemade candies are distributed among the people who accompany the family to pray the rosary. They also have agualoja, a drink made out of corn and a root called, Gengibre." 
First Communion in Yali
It is very special to think of the our Sister Parish celebrating so many special First Communions as the children of our parish prepare for their First Reconciliation this month which ultimately leads to their very own First Communion in May. A tradition, featured in this video, for our Sister Parish is to give the First Communicants packages of candy. I'm sure our students hope we will bring that tradition to our parish as well.
San Sebastian Feast Day in San Sebastian de Yali
San Sebastian's Feast Day, January 20th, is a very important day for the people of our Sister Parish as he is the patron Saint of their parish. The celebration begins nine days before the Feast Day and includes prayer, processions and Mass.
Prayer to San Sebastian
O glorious Martyr, Saint Sebastian,
You are the Protector of the afflicted, the needy and those without consolation. We place our confidence in God whose Benevolent Hand is able to free those who suffer and are in great need. Strengthen us against all harm and, by your intercession, deliver the homes of us all from every misfortune.
O glorioso e invicto San Sebastián, insigne protector de los afligidos, desconsolados y menesterosos que ponen la confianza en Dios y esperan de su benignísima mano el remedio de sus aflicciones y necesidades os suplicamos, como abogado que sois también contra todo contagio peste y epidemia, libréis nuestras casas con vuestra intercesión de todos estos males. Amen