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Deborah Wilder
CCMI President 

New changes and updates to California prevailing wage

Effective January 1 there are two changes to the California Labor Code which will impact prevailing wage. The most significant change is the imposition of fines upon contractors who fail to submit their payroll information to the DIR’s eCPR. Contractors have, for years, been required to submit CPR’s electronically to the State. However, there has never been a penalty imposed if the contractor did not do so. This seemed appropriate as the DIR has publicly stated that they do not have the staff or time to review the payroll and therefore the payroll submitted to the eCPR are not reviewed. Now, a contractor can be fined $100 per day per worker for every day the payrolls are delinquent (late). It does not matter if there are no errors in the CPR, the fact that the CPRs have not been submitted in a timely manner can trigger this penalty. Remember that CPRs are to submitted to the eCPR not later than 30 days after the close of the pay period.

The second change is a minor one relating to the production of CPRs requested by third parties. It is part of an overall change the Legislature made to various statutes involving the production of documents to the public. Please remember that depending on who is making the request for the certified payroll will depend on what personal employee information is redacted. And, anyone (except for the DIR, the Awarding Agency and your prime contractor) requesting copies of the certified payroll, can be asked to pay for the copies as set forth in the California Code of Regulations.

Upcoming Training:

More classes with LCPTracker Academy coming in January: “What is New in California Prevailing Wage”, “Skilled and Trained Workforce”; “Prevailing Wage for Developers on Low Income Housing Projects”. Stay tuned.

January 11th “What’s New in Prevailing Wage Compliance for Public Agencies” California Special District Association. www.csda.net

March 8th Foundation Software Conference Orlando Florida. Stay tuned for updates

April 13th and 14th Prevailing Wage workshop for California Public Agencies. www.csda.net

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FROM THE INBOX....You asked, we answered!
QUESTION: I understand if I am working on a military base or a federal building only federal Davis Bacon prevailing wage requirements apply. How does it work when I am working on a project governed by state prevailing wage rate? Which wage rates do I use?
ANSWER: The answer depends in which state you are working. If you are working in a state that does not have state prevailing wage determinations, then only the Davis-Bacon rates will apply.

  •  Other states have very restrictive and unique prevailing wage determinations and require a contractor to comply with both the state and the federal prevailing wage requirements (example: California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii). This would mean the contractor would have to pay the higher of the two wage rates and comply with the more restrictive work rules. It could be possible that federal prevailing wage rates apply, but overtime rules or apprentice rules are implemented under the state prevailing wage requirements.
  • Finally, some states allow the Davis-Bacon rates and requirements to preempt state prevailing wage (Maryland). A few states have implemented new prevailing wage requirements this year. CCMI suspects that both Colorado and Virginia will have more changes to the laws in the coming year.

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