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usdeMACTE's Recognition Renewed 
by USDE 
On Friday, December 18th, representatives from MACTE including Dr. Rebecca Pelton and Ms. Cassie Bradshaw defended MACTE's petition for re-recognition by the US Department of Education's National Advisory Committee on Institutional Integrity (NACIQI). The NACIQI Committee renewed MACTE's recognition for another five years. This was a wonderful start to the holidays!

symposium4th Annual MACTE Symposium

Thank you to those who attended the

2015 MACTE Symposium

on December 4-6th, 2015 in Alexandria, Virginia

The Symposium focused on the question:
Are We Preparing Our Teachers to Teach Children
with Special Needs?

We would like to provide a special thank you to our keynote speakers, Dr. David Gleason and 
 Dr. Joyce Pickering, for their enlightening presentations on supporting children with special needs. If you missed the Symposium or would like to revisit a presentation, the PowerPoint slides can be downloaded below.

- Dr. Joyce Pickering

The keynote presentations are also available for download on the MACTE website.

Many thanks to Dr. Floyd Creech who held the Pre-Symposium Workshop sessions on "Observation and Beyond". There were over 40 attendees and the feedback was extremely positive. We look forward to continuing this workshop during our next Symposium!

Dennis Schapiro Award for Innovation in Montessori Teacher Education
The Dennis Schapiro Award for Innovation in Montessori Teacher Education is awarded annually to a member of the Montessori Teacher Education community that has brought about significant change. This year's award went to Gina Taliaferro Lofquist, Assistant Dean, Xavier University Montessori Institute and Lab School. Jeanne Andre (Denny's wife) and her two sons, Jeremiah and Tokumbo, presented Gina with this year's award.

Xavier University Montessori Institute encompasses the Xavier University Montessori teacher Education Program; Center for Montessori and the Montessori Lab school. Now celebrating its 50th year, the program has long been a leader as a Montessori innovator. In the beginning, the University developed the first masters with a Montessori concentration and state license, a bachelors in Montessori education and also was a partner in establishing the first all public Montessori program at Sands Montessori School. Under the current leadership as the Assistant Dean, Gina Lofquist with her passionate vision, incredible support of the "XU Montessori Tribe" and university leadership, the program is moving Montessori in a variety of new innovative directions. In 2014 the program along with Xavier's special education program received a grant from the state of Ohio to develop a double major. This year they have begun enrollment into the first Bachelor of Science double major in Montessori and special education. Students receive a bachelors in Montessori education and Special education, a resident educators license for grades P-3 and an AMS Montessori early childhood credential. This program allows a student the following job opportunities to be highly prepared as a Montessori teacher in a public or private setting, a traditional teacher in a public or private setting or an intervention specialist for early childhood in a public or private setting. Currently the faculty is working to develop this same program with an Elementary I credential. In the same year that XUMI was awarded a grant for the double major with Special Ed, it also received a grant to develop Montessori and dementia programming. The grant allows for research based development for the Montessori dementia program and is currently negotiating with two partner facilities. There are big dreams for this program, including the further expansion of the lab school to include intergenerational education. This would allow for students ages 3- elders the ability to come together as a learning community. The program will include the students from a variety of programs throughout the university.

Wisdom of the Elders Ceremony
The 2015 Wisdom of the Elders Ceremony recognized the leadership and guidance our recipients have given over their lifetime to the Montessori community as educators, writers, and innovators. This year we recognized: (from top left to right) Sybil Taylor, Rebecca Keith, Frank Murray, D'Neil Duffy, (from bottom left to right) Teri Canaday, Molly O'Shaughnessy, Abbie Kelly, Michael Duffy, Joyce Pickering, and (bottom) John Snyder.

We would like to give a special thanks to John Snyder, pictured above, for his reflection on  Why We Call It "Wisdom of the Elders"...

"Good evening, everyone. I wish I could be with you in person, but, in fact, I'm very happy to be here at all! I would like to send heartfelt thanks to Rebecca Pelton and the MACTE board for giving me the opportunity.
I've been thinking about the phrase "wisdom of the elders". I think it reflects the common understanding that wisdom, whatever else it is, is a sort of distillation of a lifetime of experience and that it takes time to accumulate such experience. On the other hand, we also know that advanced age alone is no guarantee that wisdom will manifest.
So what is wisdom? One contemporary account goes like this. First one encounters the world as data. You keep your eyes and ears open and live fully into your experience. From data, one can learn to extract information - to focus more on what is important in the stream of experience. Information, when it has been properly interrogated, tested, and organized becomes knowledge - that which one can reasonably and with some degree of success take as true about the world. And, over time, with insight born of reflection, knowledge can mature into wisdom.
Wisdom, then, shows up as the ability to see into the essence of something. This vision of the essence then frees one from slavish adherence to convention. It allows one to work in new and changing situations at the edge of what is known or understood. It seems to require having a certain kind of healthy relationship with both the power and the limitations of one's knowledge.
In this regard, it is gratifying to think of the many passages in Dr. Montessori's works where she describes the characteristics of the fully prepared Montessori teacher. Grounded in observation of the child, always open to new things the children have to show one, reflecting on one's observations in a spirit of humility and wonder, guided by the universal truths of human development, and always ready to learn from the larger community of like-minded practitioners, the new teacher's feet are firmly set on the path toward wisdom.
I am deeply grateful to my Montessori trainers, mentors, colleagues, and communities of children and parents for filling my life with opportunities for learning, self-reflection, and self-improvement. If I have been able to pass along to others a bit of what I have learned and a little of the joy with which I have learned it, that will be enough for me.
Thank you again to MACTE, and congratulations to my distinguished fellow elders."  JS

feedback Symposium Feedback

For those that attended this year's MACTE Symposium, we would love to hear your feedback!

To provide feedback on the Symposium, please fill out our

MACTE Board Meets with 
Affiliate Leadership
A monumental meeting took place on Thursday afternoon before the Symposium with the leaders of MACTE's Affiliations and the MACTE Board of Directors. We welcomed Richard Ungerer, Doris Sommer, Abbie Kelly and Joyce Pickering - AMS; Bonnie Beste - AMI/USA; Ann Balasuriya - IAPM; Martha Teien - MEPI; Kitty Bravo - IMC; Gulsevin Kayihan and Floyd Creech - IND. Unfortunately, Feland Meadows of PAMS was unable to attend.  The discussions were rooted in issues facing all Montessori organizations and how we can support each other moving forward. The MACTE Board is grateful to the leadership for making the effort to travel and attend this important gathering.

Following the meeting, members of the Montessori Leaders Collaborative joined the Board for a celebratory dinner.

farewellMACTE Bids Farewell to Two Board Members

Gulsevin Kayihan served two terms on the MACTE Board of Directors. Her most recent term was from 2012 - 2015. Gulsevin is a Montessori educator with more than 35 years of experience. She is the Program Director for Spring Valley Montessori Teacher Education Program and Spring Valley Montessori, the oldest Montessori school in the state of Washington, established in 1951 by Madeline J. Justus. Gulsevin will be greatly missed on the MACTE Board and we thank her for her many years of dedication. The MACTE Board voted to appoint Ms. Kayihan as a lifetime advisor to the Board of Directors.

Jennifer Davidson served one term on the MACTE Board of Directors from 2013 - 2015. Jennifer is a leader in the administration of Montessori teacher training centers in the United States. Her Montessori career began at Montessori Northwest in 2001, helping to develop MNW's current organizational structure. She currently serves on the Montessori Leaders Collaborative and the AMI Summit Stewarding Council. She directed the 2013 International Montessori Congress steering committee and has presented at conferences around the world. We are excited about Jennifer's recent appointment to the AMI Board and wish her continued success. 

webinarsUpcoming Webinars and Training
Self-Study Writing Workshop Webinar
January 14th, 2016
1:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M. EST

The  Self - Study   Writing   Workshop  is for Montessori teacher education programs that are ready to begin compiling their  Self - Study  document.  This webinar will focus on Section C of the MACTE Guide to Accreditation. We will walk through each section of the  Self - Study  and discuss specific compilation guidelines.

Cost: $40

Accreditation Overview Webinar
February 9th, 2016
10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M. EST

The Accreditation Overview Webinar is for Montessori teacher education programs interested in obtaining information regarding MACTE accreditation. This webinar will provide a general overview of the accreditation process as well as outline all documentation required for compiling a Self-Study. There will be time set aside at the end of the webinar for questions.

Cost: FREE

boarddecisionsDecember 2015 MACTE Board Meeting Decisions
Board Decisions

Adrian Dominican Montessori Teacher Education Institute
Adrian, MI, Director: Sister Leanor Esnard
Full Accreditation granted for a term of seven years (to November 6, 2021) for its Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Education Certification Program

Montessori Teacher Training Institute Miami
Palmetto Bay, FL, Directors: Beverley and Joyce McGhee
Full Accreditation granted for a term of seven years (to November 4, 2022) for its Early Childhood Teacher Education Certification Program

Montessori Northwest
Portland, OR, Director: Jennifer Davidson
Full Accreditation (Initial) granted for a term of seven years (to December 2, 2022) for its Elementary I-II Teacher Education Certification Program

Northeast Montessori Institute
Wenham, MA, Director: Martha Monahan
Full Accreditation granted for its Early Childhood (FA, September 23, 2020) Montessori Teacher Education Certification 
Program to include the following Substantive Change 8: Additional Location at Sundrops
 Montessori School, 955 Houston Northcutt, Mount Pleasant, SC

Montessori Teacher Education Institute of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, Director: Marjorie Horton
Full Accreditation (Initial) granted for a term of seven years (to December 2, 2022) for its Infant and Toddler and Early Childhood Teacher Education Certification Programs

Virginia Center for Montessori Studies
Richmond, VA, Directors: Mary MacIntosh and Michele Mohar
Full Accreditation (Initial) granted for a term of seven years (to December 2, 2022) for its Infant and Toddler Teacher Education Certification Program

Sandhills Montessori Institute
Swansea, SC, Director: Melissa Redd
Full Accreditation (Initial) granted for a term of seven years (to December 2, 2022) for its Early Childhood and Elementary I-II Teacher Education Certification Programs

Administration Decisions

Maria Montessori Teacher Training Center
San Jose, CA, Directors: Rebecca Keith & Susan Cohn
Approval of Change in Director for its Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Education Certification Course Level from Susan Cohn to Jed Burchett

University of Wisconsin River Falls
River Falls, Wisconsin, Director: Gay Ward
Approval of Change in Director for its Early Childhood, Elementary I, and Elementary I-II Montessori Teacher Education Certification Course Levels to Melahrini Papadimitriou
International Montessori Teaching Institute
Beijing, China, Director: Deborah Gillespie
Approval of Change in Director for its Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Education Certification Course Level to Kiran Paek
Maryland Center for Montessori Studies
Lutherville, MD, Director: Alisa Anania
Approval of Change in Director for its Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Education Certification Course Level to Tarriann Lane
Florida Institute of Montessori Studies
Indian Harbour Beach, FL, Director: Cynthia Thomas
Approval of Voluntary Withdrawal of its Early Childhood and Elementary I Montessori Teacher Education Certification Course Levels, Effective September 1, 2015

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