December 2021 | Issue 25
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There are all kinds of new and exciting features coming out in concept phones and phones that will be available in the next year. Let's explore some of the new technology that will be available someday soon.

Recently foldable phones have emerged into the world of cellphones, but they do have some drawbacks including their high price tags. Rolling phones may be the future in cell phones due to being easier to produce and hold up better to multiple uses. Check out the video below to see how cool they are.

Battery charge speeds are getting faster as is the capability to hold more power. Even more exciting is graphene battery technology making its way into smartphones. This technology replaces the graphite in batteries with graphene which is more conductive. A 3000mAh battery would be able to charge in only 20 minutes compared to the 90 minutes of a traditional lithium battery. The graphene battery also produces less heat due to the efficiency of its conductivity making the battery safer and the phone last longer. Batteries made with this technology can be made smaller, leading to slimmer phones or even larger capacity batteries of the same size.

As Smartphone companies ditch headphone jacks, included earbuds, and charger cables, one company created a design where earbuds are housed inside of the phone. Xiaomi has a concept phone that much like Samsung's S-pen the earbuds can be popped out of one of the phone's edges. It's a neat concept, but time will only tell if this design will catch on.

In an effort to make phones more aesthetically pleasing some phones are opting to place their forward-facing cameras under the screen. In the past notches and camera bars have been complaints from smartphone users who want a better-looking screen space. A few companies have been developing this tech where the screen is made of a transparent material that when in selfie mode a special chip helps counteract any light or image changes that might be caused by the screen.

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