Volume 16| January 2020
Member Benefit Alert´╗┐
SBCA hosts Another Successful Networking Breakfast in Las Vegas
On January 8, SBCA held its annual networking breakfast in Las Vegas. The successful event brought out senior executives from AT&T, DISH Network, ViaSat and Hughes, along with SBCA board members, retailers and a state assemblywoman. "Feedback from previous gatherings has led us to make this annual event starting first thing in the morning which has helped grow attendance and make an enjoyable event for everyone" stated Steve Hill, president of SBCA. "This event is one of the few times the entire industry can get together and socialize before starting their busy schedule at CES and we look forward to hosting it next year." The networking breakfast has been hosted by SBCA in Las Vegas for the past 10 years and is open to all member companies and their guests.
Member Benefit! The SBCA Satellite Cares Program
As a member of SBCA, you have the opportunity to participate in the Satellite Cares program. The program provides consumer satellite industry members with a channel to give back to communities in disaster. Satellite CARES disaster resource requests are received, validated, and coordinated through ITDRC's National Disaster Relief Coordination Center (NDRCC), and assigned to a partner member in the local region. Learn more about this program, requirements and it's benefits.
FCC plans to Grant Request AT&T, other ISPs Making more Rural Broadband Funding Available
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) added a fourth tier to its proposal to allocate $20.4 billion for rural broadband funding if applicants meet certain minimum speeds and limit data caps. The agency will vote on Jan. 30 to conduct a reverse auction for the updated plan that gives telecoms the option of offering service at 50 megabits per second downstream and 5 Mbps upstream with a monthly data cap at a minimum of 250 gigabytes.