Industry Update ~  Issue 46 ~  January 2020
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Australian Mushrooms marketing program

A full outline of the marketing program  is included in the most recent edition of the Australian Mushrooms Journal. The report includes:
A further update will be included the next edition of the Journal including an overview of planned marketing activities, an update on the Nielsen consumer data and a look at the completed Food Service project that has delivered key insights into the trends and opportunities for mushrooms in this market sector.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie
Zoodle and Mushroom Salad
Mushroom (Baked Eggs) Shakshuka

The Australian Mushrooms PR Team regularly send direct mail to a database of over 40,000 subscribers. The latest edition highlights the most popular recipes on the Australian Mushroom website over 2019. To view each recipe just click on the image above. To subscribe simply visit the Australian Mushrooms website and enter your details.
Strategic Investment Advisory Panel

The SIAP  met in Sydney from 4-5 December 2019.  To stay up to date with SIAP activities, please use this  LINK   to view a full list of meeting summaries.  If you have any questions related to the SIAP please contact Hort Innovation Mushroom Industry Strategic Partner, Mark Spees - 0439 574 173  -

Hort Frontiers Leadership Fund

Established by Hort Innovation in 2015, the Hort Frontiers Leadership Fund identifies, builds and empowers future industry leaders at all stages of their career. A range of opportunities and scholarships are available for industry members including the following:
  • Churchill fellowships.
  • Advancing women's leadership across the Australian horticultural sector.
  • Hort Leadership network.
  • Masterclass in horticultural business.
  • Attracting new entrants onto Australian horticulture.
Further details can be downloaded at the following LINK.

AMGA Strategic Plan 2020-22
The AMGA Board has developed a Strategic Plan for 2020-22, which clearly defines the AMGA's purpose, objectives and activities to the Association's valued members and key stakeholders. If you haven't had a chance to view the plan as yet, please download a copy HERE.
A snapshot of mushroom news

Mushrooms in the News is a quick snapshot of news relevant to mushrooms. It could be a great recipe, a healthy reference, some research findings or some mushroom industry coverage. When we find it we will post it to the site and include it in the Monthly Update. If you have any comments or find anything that has been missed, please email and let us know.

Farmers and workers both claim to lose out in changes to horticultural labour rules Media coverage suggests that farmers and some workers are losing money because of changes to the award wage for casual horticultural employees that commenced in April 2019. The changes mean casual workers are paid overtime rates if they work more than 38 hours a week (averaged out over an eight-week period), along with penalty rates to those working more than 12 hours a day or night-shifts. The new rules were strongly opposed by farming groups when first flagged in 2018. Feedback about the new arrangements can be made through the national survey undertaken by Growcom in partnership with fellow farming associations across Australia.

Why mushrooms are so healthy If you have a few minutes to spare and need a refresher on why mushrooms are so healthy, then this is the podcast for you. The ABC Radio Overnight interview features Australian Professor of Physiology Gordon Lynch .

Can People With Diabetes Eat Mushrooms? If you know about the health benefits of mushrooms, then this is another one to add to the list. According to this article, mushrooms are a low-calorie option for people susceptible to diabetes and are aiming to control their diet. Mushrooms have a Glycemic Index (GI) between 10 to 15 and with a GL less than one for every cup of 70 grams of mushrooms they do not contribute to a spike in blood sugar levels. The article suggests that mushrooms could also help people already taking metformin and insulin, as they can be eaten as a healthy snack or included as an ingredient in different meals. 
The best health advice from 2019 With the start of the new year there is always plenty to review, and in this instance, it is health advice. The article suggests that eating mushrooms could lower the chances of developing memory problems in later life. The writer cites a Chinese study that found those who ate one or two 5-ounce portions of mushrooms a week had a 43% lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment - a precursor to Alzheimer's - than participants who consumed less than one. Which only goes to show that mushrooms are not only much tastier but also much healthier too!

Linguini with Mushroom Sauce At first glance this might seem like just another delicious mushroom recipe. The key difference is that this recipe appears on the site of a very influential social media identity with millions of followers. Which means it is another great way of spreading the word about Australian mushrooms

Mini Mushroom Burgers Weight loss sites are popular sources of information for anyone watching their waistline, so it is good to see this tasty number presented by Jenny Craig. The writer points out m ushrooms are a great source of vitamin D, suggesting to readers that they harness the amazing benefits in a delicious way.

Tan your mushrooms, not your skin If you want to tell health professionals about the benefits of adding mushrooms to a balanced healthy diet, then health websites and publications are great places to get the message across. This article on vitamin D appears in the Medical Journal of Australia website and was written by Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore a nutrition scientist and Accredited Practising Dietitian who manages the levy-funded project - Educating health professionals about Australian mushrooms.

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