January 2020
Events, Safety, Benefits, Legislation & More
Learn about NUCA of Colorado's Latest News all in one place. Here we have highlighted our latest events, safety information, meetings and a featured benefit. Don't miss out!
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Upcoming Events
Project Preview
It's that time of year again for the Project Preview 2020/2021 construction year. If you want to hear about the hot upcoming jobs in your industry all in one place then this is the place to be! We will have speakers presenting their upcoming jobs from municipalities and companies in the industry.

Our TITLE SPONSOR is Alliance Insurance. 
Safety News
This is an impromptu meeting of safety professionals in the industry that would like to  have a roundtable discussion on various topics. This month's topic is Safety Meets Quality .
Latest Legislation
(Interested in the Governmental Affairs Committee? Contact Christine )

NUCA and our coalition partners; American Subcontractors Association of Colorado, Colorado Roofing Association, and Rocky Mountain Steel Construction Association have introduced legislation at the 2020 Colorado Legislative Session to reform PRIVATE retainage to mirror PUBLIC retainage statute of 5%. Here is a link to the actual bill we introduced https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb20-1046  

What we need now are testimonials regarding how private retainage of 10% is currently affecting your business and how reducing that to 5% will help. Please email Christine your testimonials if you haven't already. Examples are available.
Crew Leader Training February 6-7, 2020

NUCA’s Essential Skills for Crew Leaders Training is a two-day, intensive course that trains workers to be effective leaders and communicators so they can provide clear direction to your crew, and plan and schedule the crew’s work to maximize safety, production, and profit. Click Here for More Details and to REGISTER NOW
Your Featured NUCA Benefit
Partnering with Compass Risk Management, NUCA offers group health insurance to our members. Be confident that you have the right health benefits solution for your organization and employees through NUCA Advantage.

Group Health Insurance
Compass will tailor your company's health insurance coverage plan to meet your employees' needs and your cost objectives.

Group Vision Insurance
Routine eye exams are a preventive measure for overall health and wellness. Compass can help you provide vision plans to help employees offset the costs of routine checkups and prescribed vision correction lens.

Group Dental Insurance
Plan options can provide comprehensive coverage for regular exams, cleanings, filings, even orthodontic care or tiered coverage options, such as coverage that includes co-pays.

Contact NUCA to get started on savings for your bottom line, and better health insurance options for your employees. For more information on how to get started, please call NUCA's Member Services Manager at 703.358.9300.

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NUCA Member Benefit - Only NUCA members are eligible for this program. For membership information, please contact Christine Barnes christine@nuca.com (970) 376-1190