The Newsletter , January 2020   

Our theme in worship and religious education this month is INTREGRITY

Hebrew Bible Class

"Stories of Justice:  The Prophetic Voice  in Israel" is the special focus of the next session of the Hebrew Bible class, Tuesday, Jan 14 at 7 pm at NUUC.   We will look at the stories of the prophets in ancient Israel and how their writings have shaped our views  on justice and what it takes to Speak  Truth to Power in times of political chaos.  We will specifically work with the books of Amos, Micah, Hosea and Jeremiah. New folk are welcome. The class meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 7 pm. Questions: contact Rev Joan at  

Caution: Church email Scam 

UU churches around the country have been reporting a scam whereby 
members and friends receive an email that appears to be from the minister, asking for gift cards, cash, or a money transfer to help a person in special need.  Please consider any request for funds to be donated outside of either our secure online giving platform (accessible on the front page of the website) or by mail to NUUC at our PO Box to be fraudulent. 
Service Auction Coming in April! 

Save the Date! Our annual service auction will be on Saturday April 25 in the evening starting at 5 PM.
Marvelous! NUUC's 2020 service auction will be a fun and exciting event and is our biggest fund-raiser. While we haven't yet set the theme for the service auction, we do know it will be clever and add to the enjoyment of the festivities. This year's theme will be revealed on Sun. Feb. 2.
Multiple events for the whole family! The service auction will be a gala event with many activities for everyone - our exciting Live Auction, a Silent Auction, a Theme Basket Auction, and even a Kids Raffle Auction! In addition, a free dinner will be provided. We'll take time to gather as a community and celebrate with merriment!
More Info! The auction will be here before you know it. In order to publish a catalog of items ahead of time, start thinking now of what service or activity you would like to offer. To get some ideas, look at the past service auction catalogs that are available on our website at Starting on Feb. 2, you will be able to enter your donation online or via a hard copy form. For more information about the service auction, we also have FAQ info posted on the website that will provide info about the service auction and answer most questions.
Helping! If you would like to help plan the service auction, we invite you to attend our next service auction planning meeting. It will be held on Sun. Jan. 5 in Nielsen House after the Sunday service. Also, there will be opportunities to help with specific tasks for the service auction later.
With your support, let's make this year's service auction our best service auction ever!
Best regards,
The Service Auction Planning Team (Chris Aultman, Dee Burlison, Bob Keith, Marty Keith, Debbie Shaw, Harold Shrock, and Trina Timson)

Adult Enrichment activities for this next month include:

The Second Monday Morning Covenant Group, January 13, 10:00 until noon at the church-A sharing of words and quotations by which participants have tried to live.

Hebrew Bible Classes, January 14 and January 28 (Tuesdays), 7:00 pm in Fellowship Hall. The January 14 class will be about various prophets (Hosea, Amos, Micah, and Jeremiah) and the foundations of our concept of justice.

Brown Bag Books Discussion Group, January 21 (Tuesday), 12:00 noon in Fellowship Hall-Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude.

NUUC's Women's Group, January 26 (Sunday) after service in Nielsen House-Interesting topic to be announced! Anyone identifying as female is welcome. Contact person for Women's Group: Marty Keith



First UU Columbus will be hosting a "UU The Vote" watch party at 3:30 pm, Sunday January 12 at the church (93 W Weisheimer). Learn about the organizing plan for UU the Vote across the country and how UUJO and its partners plan to implement the plan in Ohio. Also learn how NUUC can get involved. Together we will explore how we are called to wear the mantle of our shared legacies, principles, and values as we move boldly together, making our faith relevant and effective in bending the arc of the moral universe toward justice in this political moment. Questions? Email Rev Joan VanBecelaere -