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January 2017
A Letter From Len and Kristen
Happy New Year, FotTC (Friends of the Tattered Cover)!

Well, phew! 

The retail holiday season is part marathon and part sprint. Marathon in that our buyers, receivers, and marketers start preparing for the holidays in May. Sprint in that we're doing all we can, as hard as we can, to help you find the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones throughout November and December. 

Now that the season is behind us, and we can catch our collective breath, we are afforded a chance to reflect on the year just ended, and on the new year stretching out before us. 

2016 was good to the Tattered Cover.

A number of employees took on new and expanded roles, and we are so proud of each and every one. To name a few: Jeremy is managing our coffee shops, Matilde is buying local author books, Stephanie is buying frontlist titles, Daniel is coordinating our events, Ryan and Adria are managing our business and education division, we have new store managers in Colfax (Suzie) and LoDo (Virginia), Cathy is overseeing all of our buying, and Matt, our longtime general manager, is now our Chief Operating Officer. 

We're also delighted that two long-time employees, Pete and Miki, welcomed the newest bookseller to the world, Cordelia Katie Scarlet, not yet two months old. 

The ownership transition that we started with Joyce continued apace in 2016. We learn and grow every day, and have already started to have our own impact, most notably with Kristen's outreach to area schools. (But mostly we're indebted to our colleagues for continuing to help us at every step of the way. ) 

And, of course, we hosted an amazing array of events throughout the year. From Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Cranston, to the inaugural Colorado Teen Book Con (featuring 21 world class authors of young adult fiction), to Harry Potter Parties and story times, to a diverse array of new and established author readings and signings, there was always something interesting happening in our stores in 2016.

As for 2017, it promises to be an even more exciting year. We're anticipating new book releases from Viet Thanh Nguyen, George Saunders, Dan Brown, Eden Lepucki, Sarah J. Maas, Veronica Roth, Colm Toibin, Haruki Murakami, and many, many more. Our event schedule, including the already sold out 19th Annual Writers Respond to Readers, is filling up. And we're launching our new computer system, which will help us, in so many ways, to serve you better. 

But good is in the eye of the beholder. What would  you  like to see from Tattered Cover in the coming year? How can we make your experience here even better? Write to us at:

We'd love to hear from  you. 

We wish you and yours a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year, and look forward to seeing you in our stores. 

Len and Kristen

Upcoming Events
We are delighted to present numerous author signings and other special events throughout the month of January.

The Tattered Cover V.I.B. Picks
Every now and then we encounter a new book that we’re so excited about we want to shout it from the rooftops, so we've created a special tag to distinguish it from the rest:  Tattered Cover V.I.B.  (very impressive book)! That means it’s a true stand-out in a season of many excellent and compelling new books.
Check out all our recent picks for Adults and Young Readers!
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The Unsettlers: In Search of the Good Life in Today's America
by Mark Sundeen

"In The Unsettlers, Mark Sundeen writes a provocative and inspiring read about the virtuous endeavors of three families in America who have chosen to live a less consumer-filled life. From starting anew as farmers in an off-the-grid spot in Missouri, to locally growing and distributing food in Detroit, to taking a stance against the internet and pop culture in Montana, these families are examples of what modern day homesteading looks like. Through these unsettlers’ impeccably researched lives, Sundeen taps into our desire and ability to trade in parts of our comfortable life in order to live a “more simple and purposeful” one and provides a window of freedom from our overdeveloped world." -- Stephanie Coleman, Associate Frontlist Buyer
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Life in a Fishbowl
by Len Vlahos

“Human life for sale.”
When Jackie Stone learned that her father had a brain tumor, reporters were already clamoring outside her doorway, desperate to meet the man who was auctioning away his life on E-Bay. In fact, almost the whole world was captivated by the story, eager to understand exactly why Jared Stone would do such a thing. The world didn’t need to wait long. A relentless reality TV Show executive bought her father’s life. Now, cameras watch her family’s every move, in a morbid show known as Life or Death, where Jackie’s most personal moments are broadcasted to millions of viewers. But Jackie isn’t having it. No matter the consequences, she’s determined to put an end to the twisted show, and save her family’s relationship before her father is gone forever. This book is a whirlwind of unfailing honesty on what it truly means to be alive in today’s society, wrapped in a heartrending message about how family will always be there for you, no matter what. --  Caylin Spilman, Bookseller

Autographed Book Collectors' Club
January 2017 Selection
Homesick for Another World: Stories
by Ottessa Moshfegh

EileenOttessa Moshfegh's debut novel, was one of the literary events of 2015. Garlanded with critical acclaim, it was named a book of the year by The Washington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle, nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award, short-listed for the Man Booker Prize, and won the PEN/Hemingway Award for debut fiction. But as many critics noted, Moshfegh is particularly held in awe for her short stories. Homesick for Another World is the rare case where an author's short story collection is, if anything, more anticipated than her novel.

The Tattered Cover Autographed Book Collectors' Club is a club for the true collector, the ardent bibliophile, and all lovers of the printed word. Members of the ABC Club receive one signed first edition chosen by our buyers and events staff each month. Selections represent both fiction and nonfiction.

Dom Testa is an author, advocate for children's education and the host of Dom in the Morning on Mix 100.3. he loves reading and we love sharing his book reviews with you. Check out  his blog  and happy reading!

This month's selection is Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

Mention Dom's Book Club when making your purchase in-store to receive 20% off the current selection.
Meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo not only knows the weather, she knows great books,and is an avid reader! Check out her picks each month and read along with Lisa!

This month's selection is A Manuel for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories by Lucia Berlin.

Mention the 7News Book Club when making your purchase in-store to receive 20% off the current selection.
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Read the book. Join the party.
Drink the wine.
Tuesday, January 24, 6:00 pm
Illegal Pete's Colfax 
Three Denver originals, the Tattered Cover Book Store, Illegal Pete's, and The Infinite Monkey Theorem, are hosting the Back Alley Book Club! We meet monthly to discuss a great read, eat awesome tacos, and drink ridiculously good wine in a can.

This month we're reading Church of Marvels, by Leslie Parry. Show any receipt from the Tattered Cover and join us for a free wine tasting with The Infinite Monkey Theorem from 6:00-7:00pm, and specials all evening! 
Forthcoming Debut Novels
2017 is looking to be another fabulous year for first time authors. Don't miss these favorites, recommended by Heather, Director of Marketing & Events.
by Elan Mastai
($26.00 Dutton, Feb. 7, 2017)

What if utopia isn't YOUR utopia? A world of abundance, and wonders of science and entertainment, but in which your personal happiness -- family connections, self-fulfillment, and love -- is missing? This is Tom's world, and when he finds himself in an entirely different world (unfortunately, of his own disastrous making), his idea of what makes utopia begins to change. Elan Mastai's screenwriting credentials won't be a surprise to his debut novel's readers. His story is strikingly visual -- every landscape, building, scene, vivid in my mind's eye. The promise of a time travel adventure certainly drew me into this book, but the characters, humor and heart are what really make the story.
by Jason Rekulak
($24.00 Simon & Schuster, Feb. 7, 2017)

A 14-year-old boy and his buddies have a plan to steal their first Playboy -- it feature's Vanna White, so of course. However, plans, especially intricately plotted capers, never go down as imagined. The consequences of their actions, the secrets they uncover, and the truths they learn about themselves will change lives forever. It's the 80s, it's nerdy computer programming, it's young love and teen family drama, it's friendship, it's hilarious and sad, and totally wonderful
Both Elan Mastai and Jason Rekulak will be visiting the Tattered Cover in February!
Follow our event calendar , and stay tuned for details.
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