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January News & Updates

Upcoming Safety & Training

Safety Essentials Available Now

Safety Essentials addresses the challenges industry faces with onboarding and ongoing training compliance. Safety Essentials has been engineered to be more effective, engaging, and meaningful for learners. The adult learning techniques that are integrated into Safety Essentials can ensure that learners are as safe as possible on the jobsite.

Contact us for more information.

Introducing Self Check-in Kiosk

At the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana, we strive for the best customer experience. We have added a self check-in kiosk at our Sulphur location that will allow pre-registered trainees a quick and efficient check-in process.

Click here to pre-register trainees.

New Courses Available Now!

  • 13CBHICE: Caught-In/ Between Hazards in Construction Environments
  • 13SC: Scaffolding User Safety
  • 13SPMO: Signaling for Mobile & Overhead Cranes
  • 13SLING: Fundamentals of Slings and Rigging Equipment
  • 13BRI: Basic Rigging & Inspection

Click here to register. For more information, email info@scswla.org.

National Radon Action Month

You can’t see, smell or taste radon, but it could be present at a dangerous level in your home. Exposure to radon is a preventable health risk and testing radon levels in your home can help prevent unnecessary exposure.

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January Monthly

Meeting Reminder

When: Monday, January 16

Time: 11:00 AM

Program Topic: Understanding the Role of Human Factors to Improve your Safety Process

Program Sponsor: Vetergy  

Program Presenter: David Wilbur

Lunch will be served- $15 per person. Please RSVP: jerry.pierrottie@scswla.org

Where: Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana- Sulphur Office: 3621 E. Napoleon St. Sulphur, LA 70669

(Note: SCSWLA office will be closed but the front door will be open)

Find the Best Training Solution

Introducing: Live Online Proctoring

Secure solution to maintain integrity and deliver training everywhere.

  • Live Online Proctoring
  • Training Records
  • Legally Sound Record Retention
  • Digital Badging
For More Information

Distance Learning

Certification when you want, where you want.

  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility
  • Available through Link System

Click here for more information.

Now Available: VR Training & Assessment for NSC Hazard ID Certification

13VRTVirtual Reality Hazard Recognition Training

13VRC: Virtual Reality Hazard Recognition Certification

Pre-registration Required. Click here for more information or for a live demo, email info@scswla.org.

What can we do for your training program?

What can we do for your Training Program?

We develop engaging, user-friendly courses in an easy, accessible and flexible format, including professional voiceovers, infographics, and test banks. Our high-quality training offers consistent information, tests your participant’s comprehension, and maintains a secure record of results.

Email info@scswla.org for more information

Membership 2023

We hope you have enjoyed the convenience and ease of LINK as much as we have. To continue uninterrupted access to member benefits, please click here or email info@scswla.org today. Don't miss out on your membership discounts in 2023.

Member Benefits
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PreQualification Made

We have upgraded and improved the PreQualification Form, "Industry PQF"

Benefits for Contractors:

  • Faster, easier, cheaper
  • Experts walk you through filling in the information
  • Network marketplace highlights craft skills

This product supports small and medium contractors and vendors. We cater to your specific needs by reducing administration.

Other Features:

  • Local personalized service
  • Easy navigation
  • Email notification when data is about to expire

Schedule a demo, and we'll do the rest!

For more information please contact Holly Hassell at holly.hassell@scswla.org

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GateCheck Site Security & Access Control

Is there stress or confusion at your security checkpoints?

Gatecheck will ease your burden and speed up the line.

For more information or to get started with GateCheck, please contact us.

Additional Links

Defensive Driving

Distance Learning

Injury and Illness Reporting Period Nearing

Between Jan. 2 and March 2, establishments with 250 or more employees and those with 20-249 employees in certain high-hazard industries must electronically submit Form 300A – a yearly summary of injury and illnesses data.

Click here for more information.

Why Training is Still One of the Best Ways to Prevent Falls

Many organizations are not doing enough to address fall hazards, and their employees are paying the price.

Click here for article.

Need fall protection training? Contact us.

Winter is Here. Are you Ready?

Employers are responsible for protecting their workers from cold stress and other winter injuries. Learn how to keep workers safe when working in freezing temperatures.

Follow these tips to prevent cold stress and winter-related injuries.

Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana | [safetyswla.org]

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