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As we look forward to a new year, we're taking stock of the past one. We're particularly happy about our website makeover (check it out at aubinpictures.com)! 

For 2018, we will be moving from monthly newsletters to every-other-monthly newsletters, so don't look for your next communiqué until March. Also please note, we've added a Criminal Justice Reform spotlight. See below for our inaugural feature on BAJI - Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

Today, we also present:

* our 2017 highlights.

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While you're reading, listen to this LGBT shoutout from CupcakKe.
Dispatches from Cleveland

Presenting our brand 
new DFC trailer!
See below.  Just in time for the  BROADCAST on Free Speech TV.

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January 17th at 8pm EST. 

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Dispatches From Cleveland - Official Trailer
Dispatches From Cleveland - Official Trailer

Chavela on DVD and streaming!

Chavela  sang the tall tales and haunting melodies of Chavela Vargas to millions of people around the world. We can't thank audiences enough for the outpouring of love this film has received. La Senora picked up over a dozen awards, screened in over 160 theaters, and played in over 42 countries.

You can watch it now at:
Amazon:   amazon
Google Play: google play
iTunes: itunes
Vudu: vudu
or buy the packed DVD which features select Q&A appearances, director's commentary, interview with filmmakers, rare 1991 interview footage, and more.

V oted one of 2017's Best Docs by  The Advocate Women and Hollywood The Wrap Heidi Ewig , Talkhouse Film,  and  Judy Wolfe ,   in addition to being named a feminist doc to watch  and given a shout out by  AfterEllen

Bonus feature! Watch the latest Q&A from the Hammer Museum

Also, you can have your own gorgeous black and white photo of Chavela from her days in Guadalajara (one is on our poster!) Original   Chavela Vargas prints !
Criminal Justice Reform Spotlight:

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) engages in impactful strategic programs, campaigns, trainings, and capacity building-initiatives on behalf of African Americans and Black immigrants  from Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean. Our January spotlight is shining on BAJI for their activism against mass criminalization, which includes a network and toolkit for detainees, resources, a webinar on the State of Black Migrants Under Trump, campaigns, trainings, and capacity-building initiatives. 

Check out BAJI programs, help trend  #TheRealCrime, w atch this video to learn about what is happening and what we can do to stop the real crime in our communities.

BAJI was founded in April 2006 in response to the massive outpouring of opposition of immigrants and their supporters to the repressive immigration bills then under consideration by the U.S. Congress.  Learn more about the vital work that they do >>>>  baji.org

Born To Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity

Born To Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity, Emmy-nominated and action-packed, had an exciting return to both  PBS and London this year as part of the  Fringe Festival! Catherine Gund taught a masterclass and presented her work documenting the lives of LGBTIQ+ people and bringing queer stories to the screen for over three decades. She also screened excerpts from her  archives, including:  Keep Your Laws Off My BodyB.U.C.K.L.E., Cuz It's Boy, L.U.S.T. Plenary,  and  DIVA TV If you're in  Athens, Greece  or  Nashville, TN  this January, you're in luck! Catch Born to Fly on the big screen when you can.
What's On Your Plate?

What's On Your Plate?  is still going strong, nine years later! Last year,  Director and Producer Catherine co-led a lesson in a 1st grade class with her twelve-year-old, Tenzin. They spoke about the film and the book and ways they love to set the table for dinner. Everyone went home with an "Olivia the Onion' stuffed toy! Over the years, the WOYP project has reached millions of families, students, parents, educators, and communities across the globe, encouraging audience members to learn about what's really in their food, where it comes from, and how they can eat in a fun, healthy, and accessible way. We continue to receive screening requests from schools and community organizations and in 2017 it played in Springfield, MO; Warsaw, Poland; Saskatchewan, Canada; Monmouth, IL; Baton Rouge, LA; and Greenwich, CT, among other places. The DVD and accompanying book and curriculum are our #1 request from the Aubin Store!

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