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Happy New Year!
Glad to be entering a new year. The holiday season was a successful one for me with 2 outdoor shows, an indoor holiday show, and much broadcasting on social media. Truth be told, the social media efforts were exhausting and often feels like shooting in the dark.

Needless to say, no painting got done.

That is not to say that a lot of thought hasn't been going on as to what my next collection of paintings will be. Sometimes I am influenced by what sells, or if someone mentions a certain desire for something, or I see a captivating photo. Textures, a look or expression, color and how I would paint them mull around for a long time in my mind. With the new year, I need to get some of this down on paper!

I currently have another commission for a painting that will be purchased as a large reproduction print. I think this is a great way for someone to get a large piece of art at a more affordable price, given its size. And of course the original painting will be available for sale as well. The last one was happily snapped up at the first outdoor show.

Boca Raton Fine Art Show in downtown Boca Raton is coming up in January as is Delray Beach at Old School Square (next to the Farmers Market) with the Delray Art League. My calendar is always on my website, Exhibitions & Festivals .

I spent 10 lovely days in Asheville, NC with my 2 sisters in early December. They arranged a snow storm for me and I loved it! I also did a bit of swing dancing...umpteen years since I'd done that! Because I love Asheville and think that some of my artwork would really do well there, I scouted around for opportunities for selling my work. Will see what develops!

Wishing all of you a healthy, happy and prosperous new year . Many thanks to all of you again and again.
Originals for Sale
These are some of the works I will have at the outdoor shows in January...and as always...available on my website.
Sold Reproductions
Commissioned for a Reproduction
This is the piece, Crane in Flight, that I mentioned above that had previously been commissioned to be reproduced. I digitized it and had it printed on canvas 38" wide.

The companion piece is being painted now.
Large format Reproduction
This Sea Turtle No. 8 was reproduced at 40"and mounted behind 1/4" acrylic glass for a 3D effect. It will be a new offering on my website.

While all my Sea Turtle paintings can be reproduced this way, I show only a handful for sale at festivals and exhibitions (and on my website). However, custom orders are easy.

Click for more information about Ordering a Large Format custom reproduction .
Sold 6x6" Blocks
These three were purchased together and because they are small and are mounted on wood cradles (blocks) allowing them to stand, they fit anywhere. They are also equipped to be hung if that is preferred.
Currently Available Greeting Cards
Last month I introduced this new page on my website. It can only be linked to from this email or social media posts. Since there is no shipping charge, these have to be ordered separately from other items on my website.

Note: Some selections below are running quite low.
Outdoor Shows
Artists in the Park
Old School Square, Delray Beach

Tentative Dates (please check my website before coming out).

January 12-13
January 19-20
Large Format Prints
These are reproductions of my work, enlarged and printed on high quality paper behind 1/4" acrylic glass. These large-format prints are designed for large spaces and appear dimensional because of the thickness of the acrylic. The acrylic gives them a watery feel. Sleek with no need for frames.

Custom sizing is available which will be proportional to the original painting proportions. I can crop for special sizing needs (change a horizontal into a square for instance).

There is approximately a 2 week turnaround time.

Contact me with questions or special requests.
Reproduction Print
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
Reproduction Print
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
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