Now introducing...
ABC's Puppy Program!
The most IMPORTANT time in your dog's training is when they're a puppy!
In keeping with ABC's primary focus on overall health and happiness of dogs, we are pleased to offer our Puppy Program, designed specifically to help your puppy develop into a socialized and friendly member of your family. Because puppies are most responsive to learning and retaining experiences while they are young, Puppy Program Students will spend their time in our quiet Zen Den for naps. This will ensure that their introductions to multiple staff members and other dogs are in positive settings, increasing their human and fellow dog socialization.
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Thanks to You, ABC Donated $790 to Patriot PAWS!
Each year we enjoy serving our guest's holiday meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year we donated the proceeds of these yummy plates of turkey, green beans and sweet potatoes to Patriot PAWS. This pawsome group selects, trains and provides service pets to our veterans. To take a look and learn more about this group CLICK HERE!