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The Federal Reserve increased its key interest rate by 0.25%. It signified the Fed's confidence in the improving U.S. economy. Rising rates will affect millions of Americans, including home buyers, savers and investors. Read here

The good news is that FHA is lowering interest rates for 1st time home buyers. Read it here.

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My dear friends and clients...

January 2017 came in with a bang and I've been running every since. Those of you who are here know that we have had the 5th snowiest December since 1899 and it's still snowing!!! (read the article here). Even with the snow and the cold, we manage to have a bunch of fun. It's a great time to socialize and spend time with friends. I hope you were able to enjoy "Groovin on a Sunday Afternoon" last week. It was tons of fun and Nick Spear's music was completely delightful. Stay tuned to more events that I love to host for our darling community.

The big news is the arrival of our new Berner...Rainier! Heidi (our other Berner) was appalled when we brought this little guy home, but she is totally thrilled now to have a true partner in crime! Here's some photos of our new "boy."

Now, let's talk real estate. According to Kelley's Market Trends...The number of 2016 residential sales in Flathead County matched the near record number that occurred in 2015. In 2015 there were 1,683 home sales and 2016 finished with 1,680 sales. The median price finished at $255,000, which is 5.2% above the 2015 median of $242,500. The 2016 median was higher than the 2007 median of $250,000, representing the first time the median price has exceeded the high median that occurred prior to the recession. Overall, the entire year mostly matched 2015 with the number of sales being up 8% in the first quarter, down 5% in the second quarter, down 2% in the third quarter, then finishing off the year with a plus 4%. 

What will 2017 bring? Interest rates will be a key factor. The overall average 30-year rate in 2016 was 3.7% and the current 30-year rate is nearly 4.1%. The 15-year rate averaged around 3.1% in 2016 and is now nearly 3.6%. The question here in the Flathead is, how much will this affect our market? Read the full article here.

MSN came out with a great video of the "Best Place to Visit in the US This Year." Of course the Flathead was on it. See it here. Winter is an opportunity to review your real estate goals and it appears from our statistics that this may be an excellent time to list or buy a property. If your needs and/or lifestyle are changing, I would love to chat with you as to how I can help facilitate that change. Montana enjoys relatively reasonable prices, a generous inventory of properties, and you can't beat the beauty and lifestyle. Let's share it together!

 Cheers, Denise

Here's an excellent article by David Brooks on the emotionality of the home buying decision.
Are you ready to fall in love? Read here, then call me!

408 Palouse Prairie Court,  Bigfork
MLS #21612914 $65,000
714 Mill Camp Road, Bigfork
MLS #21612915 $72,000
411 Mill Creek Court, Bigfork
MLS #21612916 $79,000
236 Bluebunch Court,  Bigfork
MLS #21613024  $61,000

Use these shorter days to get things done. Here is your January check list. Click here.

CONTINGENT LISTINGS...                                          
20 Crossbuck Trail , Bigfork
MLS #21612787 
18 Crossbuck Trail,  Bigfork
MLS #21612788
204 Bluebunch Court, Bigfork
MLS #21612913

Borrowers are getting back into the black--homeowner equity improved over the first three quarters of 2016 to levels not seen since before the recession. Read about it here.

811 Kila Road, Kila
MLS #21608165
209 Harbor Drive, Bigfork
MLS #21609180
729 1st Ave E, Kalispell
MLS #21608545

106 Ledgewood Drive, Bigfork
MLS #21611156
Nhn Sunburst Drive, Bigfork
MLS #21612098
Existing home sales climb to their 
highest level in nearly a decade.

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