From Ann Vaughn, President


It's official: In 2023, we will give $160,000 to high-impact nonprofits in the DMV area in our third year of grantmaking. This will include not only a $100,000 grant to one of our finalists, but also $15,000 to each of our other four finalists. It will be our biggest grant cycle yet, and I'm particularly proud that because of our growing membership, we are going to increase the amount we're awarding to our four finalists by almost 60%.

We announced these numbers at our annual Big Reveal event on January 10, a virtual event that doubles as the first opportunity for all of our members to gather together (see the picture below for just a few of the many faces who came!). I can already tell this is a great group—of movers and shakers, doers and dreamers who are all passionate about our mission and vision.

For everyone that has followed our journey, been part of it, or spread the word about our impact, I want to thank you. We're in an exciting position as 2023 gets underway, and I can't wait to learn about all of the amazing nonprofits who have applied for our grants this cycle. Applications are due January 30, and then the real work begins!



2023 Grants Timeline

For the next several months, our members will be focused on evaluating grant applications. Every one of our members has a vote, so the process is designed to give all of the women of Impact100 DC a chance to participate.

  • January 30: Grant applications are due
  • Now through March 10: Focus Area Committee members evaluate applications across five focus areas: Environment, Health & Wellness, Family, Education, and Arts & Culture to determine 15 semifinalists
  • March 10 to April 9: Finance Committee review for the semifinalists
  • April 10 to May 9: Site visits and final review to narrow semifinalists to 5 finalists
  • June 5: Finalists publicly announced at our Meet the Finalists event
  • June 20: $100,000 grant recipient announced at The Big Give event; remaining finalists receive $15,000

2022 Recipient Spotlight: City Gate Appeal for Volunteers

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Lynn Bergfalk, President of City Gate. We will feature an article in the next newsletter on their progress in implementing our high-impact tutoring grant. In the meantime, Dr. Bergfalk shared that they were looking for volunteer tutors to supplement their paid tutoring staff. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Gabrielle Millner at [email protected].

photo courtesy of City Gate

2021 Finalist Spotlight: Generation Hope

Generation Hope was one of our five finalists in 2021, and unsurprisingly, they've continued to deepen and expand their incredible impact since then.

Watch this segment on ABC news about one of their scholar alumnae, Nakwari.


2021 Finalist Spotlight: Bridges to Independence

Bridges to Independence, another one of our 2021 Finalists, recently appealed for mentors for the children they serve in Arlington. You can find out more about that by contacting Bridges directly:  [email protected]. They also post an "urgent wish list" for the families they serve, which ranges from food items to cleaning and ordinary household supplies. You can see their entire wish list here. Bridges accepts donations 24/7 at 3103 9th Road N, Arlington. Items may be left in the black bins by the back door. They ask that you not enter the shelter.


Member Profile: Talia Curhan

Membership profile by founding member Joan de Pontet

Talia is passionate about equitable access to health care and women’s health education and reproductive rights. Her attraction to Impact100 DC was immediate: “What is more powerful than a group of women in a room together.”

Talia grew up outside of Boston, the youngest of four children. Her siblings are 5+, 8 and 11 years older and have been inspiring role models in their fields of education, entrepreneurship and science. Brown University gave Talia a wonderful opportunity to create an independent course of study centered around nutrition, psychology and human development. The fact that she could design her own path was very instructive and liberating. Two years ago, following her graduation, Talia moved to DC which she finds a perfect combination of professional opportunity and feeling at home. 

In her work at Advocates for Justice and Education, Talia focuses on health access for children with disabilities. She is particularly interested in the social and cultural determinants of health and what “good health” means for each individual; she is deeply committed to health education, policy, and justice. She is currently transitioning over to The Guttmacher Institute, where she will be working on state-based policy for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). 

Talia’s involvement with Impact100 DC speaks well of its commitment to reach out to the community. Advocates for Justice and Education is an organization engaged in the work of social equity—work that Impact100 DC targets—and Talia heard about Impact100 from a co-worker. Looking at our website, Talia was immediately attracted by our mission and a community of women working to make change. Sharon Dennis (Grants Chair) let her know about Impact100 DC’s fellowship program and how to apply. She found the interview and acceptance process “transformational.” Impact100 created the opportunity for her to participate and for her to assist the organization in communications and recruitment immediately. 

“It was amazing," Talia said. "Impact100 was willing to invest in me, my voice was encouraged, and I am an equal member of the conversation. I am looking forward to the grant process.”

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