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January 2023 I Volume 1
A Few Words from Our MASWA President
Georgene Connelly
MASWA President

We All Have Value

It is a new year and as such, we have a chance to start anew. So celebrate! We have a chance to look forward to new things, new happenings, new beginnings. Over the years, we gather knowledge through our experiences and as a result, we have much to impart. We have much to offer others who may be struggling through the same struggles we've already experienced. We have a chance to help people through their struggles and difficult circumstances. Why? Because we've been there.

Many of us have the opportunity to work directly with older adults as they continue on their life’s journey. Perhaps you’ve run into some who feel they are living a fabulous life. You may also run into some who believe they have no value and they don’t know why they are still here because they have lived so very long. This is when I like to take the time to instill in them that they do have value. I remind them: “YOU have value and are valued”. (That is if they let themselves be valued.) I remind them that they have the opportunity to bring a wealth of knowledge and resolve to others. Isn't that why we are here? Aren't we here to help one another? Again, someone might ask, "Why am I still here and what good can I do?" Someone else might proclaim that they cannot do anything to help anyone! REALLY???

Many people partway through their life journey would LOVE to learn the secrets of the ones who've earned the wisdom during their lives. As a child, adults would always say, "You have so much to learn." That sounds discouraging however, I'd turn to my grandmother, a pillar of strength, wisdom beyond her years and the willingness to share her thoughts. While posing questions to her, a smile of satisfaction and value would begin to appear across her face. She knew she had the experience to win at this inquisition! Yes, she felt needed!

Remind those (“your person”) you encounter that their new beginning could be one of sharing their wisdom. Have them take the time to observe and impart their knowledge and advice when they see the opportunity. Sometimes a simple gesture or word of encouragement may help a person along their way. If “your person” pays attention, perhaps they may be able to share the wisdom they’ve gained, with someone else....and the miracle of life goes on. YES, we all have value and are more than worthy to share our knowledge. Remind “your person” that they matter to all with whom they come in contact. We should all look around for ways to help someone along the way. That's some of the value we can bring. Seems to me, we all may have some work to do. Share your wisdom with others who want it and help them along their way!
See you at our Fun Networking Event, January 26th. Don’t miss it!

Georgene Connelly