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January 2020 Newsletter
New Year = New You!
Welcome to 2020!

Was your New Years resolution to spend more time with your family?
Get outside more? Improve your health?
Work on achieving a better work/life balance? Unplug more often?

These are some of the most common New Years resolutions - and here at Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rentals, we can help all of these resolutions come true!

Did you know that fishing can help with all of the goals listed above?

  • There is no better way to bond with your family than to plan an amazing trip to Lake of the Woods on a Houseboat!

  • Just getting outside can reduce stress and boost your mood!

  • It doesn't feel like a workout, but casting, running the boat, cutting some wood for your shorelunch fire - all help with your goals to be more active!

  • Take those vacation days - you earned them! So many of us get so caught up in our careers that we don't take our vacation days - but is so important to work at a balance between work and life! Work to live, don't live to work!

  • Unplugging can be hard - we live in a world where we are connected all day every day. A Houseboat adventure will have you living in the moment, and absorbing the beautiful, natural scenery, instead of head down, on your device!

Fishing with Us = Better You!
Don't just take our word for it -
check out this article from the Huffington Post here!

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See you on the Lake!
Tom Becker and crew know how much fun a Houseboat adventure is - they have been coming up with us for almost 20 years!
January has been a cold one so far! But that means we've got some good ice! Around the Morson area, we have about 22" - 24" of ice!

We've also got some good snow! Over the past few weeks we have accumulated about 18" of fresh powder on the ground. This combination makes great conditions for sledding and snow shoeing!

Lake levels were at an all time high this fall when the lake froze up. The LOTW control board has been dropping water levels in the lake through out winter, so we can expect normal lake levels in the spring!
If you are used to visiting Lake of the Woods in the summer time only, many people are surprise how drastically different it looks in the winter time!

We love ice fishing! In fact, it is our family's favorite winter activity!
Check out some of our catches so far this winter!
The Gill Family loves Ice Fishing!
Terry and Aaron
Terry and a Lake Trout!
MAILING MISHAP - Our Apologies!
I bet this looks familiar...

Many of our guests have received this post card 7 or more times....
Please accept our apologies, as it was just supposed to be once!

The company we use for our mail out had a glitch in their system that had our annual mailing go to all of you 7 or more times!

We are sorry for the inconvenience and please know that it was not our intention!
Thank you to all of those who informed us that this was happening - we appreciate it and it helped us stop the continued sending of the same post card.
Please know that the problem has been resolved and you shouldn't be getting the same card again!

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Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Chicago and Green Bay! We had a very successful show season!
Still considering a trip?
It's not too late!
Give us a call or drop as an email as dates are becoming more limited!
Did you know that a houseboat trip is an economical Canadian vacation?
Perfect for families, couples, guys getaways and more!

Our houseboat rentals are in CANADIAN DOLLARS! $1.00 USD = $1.20 + CAD.
Whether you are purchasing gas, bait, fishing licences or souvenirs... everything in
Canada is "ON SALE"

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We had a lovely Christmas break! We enjoyed some great food with family and friends and we were all spoiled by Santa!

Tony brought his crew, Nolan, Keston and Hayden down to Morson for a few days over the holidays and we all had a great time fishing, sledding and playing! Carmen, Jake and Aaron all love playing with their cousins!

Terry and Crissy got away for a couple of days in Minneapolis to watch Crissy's favorite team, the Winnipeg Jets, play the Minnesota Wild.
Then off to Chicago and Green Bay for the All Canada Sports Shows!
Annual Christmas photo
The kids cousins Nolan, Keston and Hayden came down for a visit !
Sledding trip with all of the kids! What a great adventure!
Aaron loves helping in the kitchen - especially if we are making pancakes!
Terry and Crissy enjoyed a quick weekend in Minneapolis cheering on the Winnipeg Jets, even though they lost to the Wild

Happy New Year from the Gill Family!
We wish you all health and prosperity and a year filled with happiness and cheer!

Reservations for the 2020 fishing season are rolling in more quickly than ever before! Space is filling up quickly so contact us today to book your houseboat adventure!

See you on the Lake!

See you on the Lake!

The Gill's
Terry, Crissy, Jacob, Aaron, Carmen
Tony, Nolan, Keston, Hayden
Stewart & Yvonne
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