Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from Our Wonderful World! 2016 is here, and we have some amazing things planned. Just wait and see!
Are you making your New Year's resolutions? Vowing to exercise more, eat healthier, make more time to volunteer and be more organized? Well...how do we really do that? Glad you asked! We've got some fabulous ideas. Just remember, it's for a great cause: YOU!
Get ready to make this your healthiest and greenest year ever! And the best way to get started is by being grateful for what we already have. No wonder so many sages through the centuries have stressed this spiritual principle. The rewards can be magical...and sooner than you can imagine!
Now for all our fellow Floridians who love to garden, we're going to show you just what to plant this time of year. For all you food lovers, get ready to learn about the amazing benefits of capsaicin found in none other than red hot chili peppers. We've also got a delicious recipe for yet another of Mother Nature's wondrous foods, but we're going to make you look for this one! Of course, as always, we've got a whole lot more. From the latest on the Palm Beach County theatre scene and tips on home energy management to cool ways to reuse all those wine and champagne bottles from New Year's Eve! So, to help you find everything you want, here's a list of what we've just added:  
  • "Curtain Up" - Get the Latest on the Palm Beach Theatre Scene
Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!... Now grab your green drink and get clickin'!


Sharon & Glenn
Brilliant Beets Recipe      
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Pearls of Wisdom
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Ask the Energy Expert
In the world of residential energy use, there are two primary methods to reduce your utility costs. The first is energy... Read more.

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