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Our Library is an Open Book

Libraries change and evolve to meet the needs of their community and adapt to new technologies. At Phillips Free Library though, one thing is constant - we exist to create an equitable world. Our mission is to empower and inspire all people to grow and connect with one another to create a better world for all. Here are some ways to connect with your community at the library this month.

New This Month

Warm Up and Chill Out!

February is often so cold and long that we are offering you a chance to warm up and chill out! During the week of February 19-23 you can stop at the library for a hot drink and an activity. We will have tea, cocoa and coffee available each day. There will also be activities to enjoy, you can choose from coloring, bookmarks and a scavenger hunt or all three! Take some time during winter break to Warm Up and Chill Out at the library!

Featured Events

Points of View Book Club

This monthly book club discusses novels centered on characters from diverse cultures and life experiences. The book club meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month. The next meeting will be February 27th to discuss What's Mine and Yours by Naima Coster. Contact to register.

LEGO Build the Change for Birds

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and The LEGO Foundation present Build the Change for Birds. Phillips Free Library is excited to be a host for this program on Saturday, February 10th at 1pm. This event is open to all ages... children, families, teens and adults. Please register:

This program is part of LEGO's  Build the Change series and we’ll be focusing on how to build the change for birds.

New Books

Adult Non-Fiction

Black Women, Ivory Tower: Revealing the Lies of White Supremacy in American Education

by Jasmine L Harris

place hold here

Black women are heading to college in record numbers, and more and more Black women are teaching in higher education. But increasing numbers in college don't guarantee our safety there. Willpower and grit may improve achievement for Black people in school, but they don't secure our belonging. In fact, the very structure of higher education ensures that we're treated as guests, outsiders to the institutional family--outnumbered and unwelcome.

Dr. Jasmine Harris shares her own experiences attempting to be a Vassar girl and reckoning with a lack of legacy and agency. Moving beyond the "data points", Dr. Harris examines the day-to-day impacts on Black women as individuals, the longer-term consequences to our professional lives, and the generational costs to our entire families.

"I want to arm as many Black girls and women as I can with the knowledge about these spaces that I lacked," says Dr. Harris. "By laying bare my own traumas, and those of Black women before me, I am providing them the tools to protect themselves, with an understanding of how deliberately many institutions will try to undercut them."

Trial and error has been required of Black students to navigate systems of discrimination and disadvantage. But this book now offers useful support, illuminating the community of Black women dealing with similar issues. The author's story is not unusual, nor are her interactions anomalies. Black Women, Ivory Tower explores why.

Middle Grade Fiction

Amil and the After

by Veera Hiranandani

place hold here

At the turn of the new year in 1948, Amil and his family are trying to make a home in India, now independent of British rule.

Both Muslim and Hindu, twelve-year-old Amil is not sure what home means anymore. The memory of the long and difficult journey from their hometown in what is now Pakistan lives with him. And despite having an apartment in Bombay to live in and a school to attend, life in India feels uncertain.

Nisha, his twin sister, suggests that Amil begin to tell his story through drawings meant for their mother, who died when they were just babies. Through Amil, readers witness the unwavering spirit of a young boy trying to make sense of a chaotic world, and find hope for himself and a newly reborn nation.

Coming in March

Sweet 60 and Up!

We have had so much fun and were so excited to discover we had enough money from our grant to have one last Sweet 60 and Up! program this spring! Join us on Friday, March 22nd, the exact time will be announced as we get closer to the date. We will have a craft, games, a book talk and a baking project. We will also have live music. Put it on your calendar and we will have more details soon.

Tech Explorers: Bristle Bots

We invite 3rd-5th grade and 6th-8th grade students to join us for a morning of fun with technology. There is no school on this Friday before Easter in the Homer School District. We will be making bristle bots from toothbrushes. After making our bots we will test them, race them and see what we can do to perfect them. The two age groups will work in separate areas but come together at the end to show their finished projects. Registration is required:

A Glimpse from January

These young women were children at the library, teens at the library and now as new adults still like to come back to the library for book club and a snack. The group read Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid and made Red Velvet cupcakes. The new adult book club will meet again this summer. If you're interested in participating, contact the library. The group is for adults age 18-25.

Did You Know...

Did you know ...

Phillips Free Library now has a 2024 Explore Outdoors Pass that will cover the admission to the Parks in Onondaga County. This Pass will allow one personal vehicle admission at Beaver Lake Nature Center, Jamesville Beach Park and Oneida Shores Park. It will also provide admission for up to 4 visitors at Highland Forest, Rosamond Gifford Zoo and Pratt's Falls Park. Ask about the pass the next time you are at the library!

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Calendar of Events

February 2024

Tuesday, February 6 - Yoga #1 of 5 10:30 am please register

Wednesday, February 7

Knee High Story Time 9 am Airplanes

K-2 Library Zoo 3:20-4:15 pm Book Club

Saturday, February 10 LEGO Build the Change for Birds 1pm

please register

Monday, February 12

Family Book Club 6 pm

Board of Trustees Meeting 7 pm

Wednesday, February 14

Knee High Story Time 9 am Cats & Kittens

K-2 Library Zoo 3:20-4:15 pm LEGO Club

Thursday, February 15

3rd-4th gr Book Club 6 pm

Monday, February 19 - Friday, February 23

Warm Up & Chill Out (warm drinks and chill activities)

Tuesday, February 20

Yoga #2 of 5

Tuesday, February 27

Yoga #3 of 5

Points of View Book Club 6:30p What's Mine and Yours by Naima Coster

please register:

Wednesday, February 28

Knee High Story Time 9 am Opposites

K-2 Library Zoo 3:20-4:15 pm Science Club

to register for programs email

unless otherwise noted

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