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January 2017
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Don't let this winter scene discourage you; click here for a look at a good sailing day this last June.
 Cruise News

              Fall cruises have become increasingly popular in recent years. Better breezes, the promise of leaves changing color, quieter harbors; all encourage us to enjoy the last part of the season and unplug for a few days before the real world returns. Reasonable prices, rational shipmates; sign up!

photo courtesy of MB Rolfe

Crew's News

   Update on this bunch from the 1990's: one ornithologist, one corporate executive, 
one conservation field steward, one schooner cook still, one schooner captain still; 
eight children!

The 2016 crew last fall, only missing Matthew the cook

Pictures From Here

The shipyard dock buildings as we found them in 1973; formerly a fish company building from the  1940's.  Since then we have re-roofed them twice, replaced all the windows, most of 
the doors  and trim, sided the  buildings with cedar shingles, and rebuilt the 
entire  wharf and most of the foundations. Last coat of paint went on the trim earlier 
this month.

Indoors this time of year

Overhauling our small boats keeps us close to the shop stove. While Sarah scrapes, sands, paints, and varnishes, repairs usually fall to me. For example, it was time to replace the knee braces on Roscoe's seats. Rather than raid an apple orchard to find natural grown knees, I steamed up some straight grained oak and bent the pieces over a form or jig.

Epoxying a piece of pine to the back makes a blank for a knee 
to replace the old one in the picture

Clean it up a bit by running it through the planer after some trimming

Then fit and fasten it in place, and paint a few times.

We use a lot of masking tape this time of year; blue and yellow.

Now that Sarah has those boats all done (right down to oars and oarlocks), it's time for the basket case: a nice fifteen foot pulling boat built and repaired many times over the past thirty years or so.  Used in fresh water and left outside a lot, half of the ribs needed replacing along with the backbone from sternpost to stem.

After framing and refastening

And if you think this is just a comprehensive paint job, here are old and new parts 
for the stem knee and fore gripe in progress; locust replacing red oak.

And here's the latest newsletter from  Sail Boston 2017,
 with pictures of some of the vessels planning to be there with us.


  Cards From Away







and Florida

MB Rolfe photo


                          We'll be working on board the schooner next month, to be ready for May 26th.

      John and the crew

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