A little adventure and a whole lot of relaxation

photo courtesy of Rebecca Boshong

January 2017

Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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Dear Shipmates,

We have certainly had a mild January here in Rockland.  Doug appreciated the warmer weather for painting the dock building trim.

The manlift sure made it easier than constantly moving and climbing ladders.

Most of the precipitation we've had so far this winter has been rain but there have been a few days of snowy weather.
One afternoon Linda even got in a bit of cross-country skiing, a favorite winter activity.

Our sailmaker has been busy this winter.  The new mainsail is finished and ready to go.  Here's Mike Bartles working on it in the sail loft in East Boothbay.

photo courtesy of Nat Wilson

We're excited to see how well the  Heritage sails with it.

We're keeping busy with little projects on our Excaliburs.  Last weekend we even drove our 1984 to Quincy to visit Rachel and Justin!  They're busy getting the baby's room all ready.

Back on the homefront, we hope you'll give Shary a call to reserve your favorite cabin for some time out on the bay.   We have a trip to Acadia scheduled for this year.
Acadia National Park in the background

Sailing in Somes Sound was very impressive last season.   We hope to sail there again this year.

Looking forward to a great season.  Hope you'll join us.