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Spike's Favorite Hobby? Naps!

From Emily: Spike’s favorite hobby is taking naps and one of his favorite places to sleep is in my arms like a baby. Doesn’t matter where we are, he will always be up for a nap as long as he’s in my arms

Our Volunteers are AWESOME!

Volunteers are a valued and integral part of House with a Heart (HWAH). They provide outstanding care to all of the residents. HWAH volunteers are wonderful people who have a passion for helping senior dogs and cats.

Guess Who?

We wanted to share this cute collage of some of the residents at House with a Heart from years past and present. Can you guess who?

Volunteer Spotlight
House with a Heart is blessed with so many wonderful volunteers and a shining example of the Love and Dedication these incredible people offer to HWAH is Michelle.

We do get to see Michelle one day a week when she tries to cram a LOT of tasks into a few hours.  The fact that Michelle is a vegetarian did not stop her from cooking up the meat stew for the resident pups. I’ll never forget the look on her face while she handled the hamburger for the first time and then told us she was a vegetarian.  She remains true to her conviction but knowing the pups need that protein source she is diligent about mixing up the meat and vegies into something the pups always love

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