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 Monthly Newsletter          January 3,
         22 Tevet 
Tu b'Shevat Dinner
Sit-down holiday dinner
6 pm, Friday, January 15
The students at Bet Sefer have been exploring the link between Judaism and Nature all year. Let's celebrate the "birthday of the trees" together. JHJC will provide a VEGETARIAN MAIN COURSE AND DESSERT please bring a side dish inspired by trees or fruits and nuts. Go HERE for Tu b'Shevat recipe ideas.   RESERVATIONS REQUIRED shoot us an email HERE and let know if you're coming. Families encouraged to come! @ the JHJC Center.

Announcing the JHJC
20th Anniversary Endowment Campaign. See below ...
37th Annual Chanukah Party on Dec. 12. Record attendance of 110 people helped raised $3,960 towards the Endowment campaign.
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Thank you for making all this happen in 2015!
Moved to the new Centennial Building Location
New Shul Open House
Transitioned new board and board president - Thanks Al Zuckerman!
Bet Sefer Classes
Monthly Shabbat Services
Shabbat Dinners
Challah Shabbat
Tu b'Shevat Dinner
Purim Festival
Film Screenings and visiting filmmaker 
Holocaust Remembrance Day with WWII liberator Alan Moskin
Holocaust Remembrance Day speaker at Teton County Schools
Community Passover Seder
Shavuot Dairy Dinner
Bet Sefer Shabbat and Israeli Shuk
Semi-Annual Mitzvah Day Adopt-a-Highway cleanup
Awarded the inaugural JHJC Tikun Olam College Scholarship 
Summer outdoor Shabbat Services
JHJC Membership Directory
Shabbaton Weekend with Dr. Ron Wolfson
Cooking and art workshops to the Jackson Hole community
Spirit of the Mountains Summer Camp
BBQ Shabbat with guest musicians, pony rides and campfire music
Co-sponsored Bill T Jones/Arne Zane Dance Co. Residency at Dancers' Workshop
Tzedakah Box workshop and exhibit with Dancers' Workshop
Swingin' Sabbath with Judd Grossman and the Richard Brown Orchestra
Annual AIPAC meetings 
Donated LOTS of money to local nonprofits
High Holiday Services
Rockin' Thai Food Rosh Hashanah Party
Community Sukkot Celebration
Bet Sefer students built a gorgeous sukkah at the Centennial Building
Community Simchat Torah Celebration
Thanksgiving Shabbat Dinner
Bet Sefer Annual Chanukah Awareness Festival
Mountain Chai Chocolate Gelt Fundraiser - Sold over $4,000 this year!
Community Chanukah Party
Visiting Rabbis, congregation members and teachers leading services
Said Hello to LOTS of new JHJC babies
Said Goodbye to some beloved members
Launched the General Endowment and 20th Anniversary Fund
Upcoming Events 
  • Thursday, January 7, 4-6 p.m, Bet Sefer Classes resume. JHJC Center in the Centennial Bldg. 
  • Friday, January 15, 6 p.m. 
    Tu b'Shevat Dinner at the JHJC. 
    Led by chazzan Judd Grossman, Josh Kleyman and the Bet Sefer students.  Vegetarian main and dessert provided, please bring a side dish inspired by trees and the nuts and fruits of Tu b'Shevat (see above for more details). Reservations required, email  HERE for reservations. Families encouraged to come. 
  • Friday, February 5, 6:30 p.m.. Shabbat Services with chazzan Judd Grossman. Oneg to follow, childcare provided. JHJC Center in the Centennial Bldg. 
  • Friday, February 19, 6 p.m. Annual Challah Shabbat.  Braid and bake challah with Josh Kleyman, while enjoying a very brief Shabbat observance and socialize. Potluck light dinner, please bring a dish to share. Wine and drinks provided. At the Daus Residence. 
Fundraising Update
20th  Anniversary Campaign off to great start!
I n December we announced our 20th Anniversary Endowment Campaign, and we are off to a  great start! The JHJC General Endowment is a new opportunity to contribute to the long term financial stability of our congregation. Your yearly dues and gifts are still very important, but the endowment allows you to take an additional step beyond your regular giving by creating a legacy for generations to come. Our goal is to raise $720,000 for the endowment by December 2016 to coincide with our 20th anniversary as a congregation. 

Thanks to our generous leading local donors we have already raised over $175,000 Please include the JHJC General Endowment in your giving plans for 2016. We wel come your contribution at any level that inspires you. Also, please remember the JHJC for in your estate planning. Toda Raba!

Download the Endowment Pledge Form HERE
Scenes From December 2015
Check out more of our photos and videos from all the cool events we do on our Facebook page "Jackson Hole Jews"

December Shabbat
Baby naming for Ari Levenson. Thank you Nate and Hailey Levinson for hosting the oneg. Mazel tov!

Bet Sefer Chanukah Gelt Packaging 
and Chanukah Awareness Festival

37th Annual Chanukah Party
Albertson's floral department preparing festive balloons for the Chanukah Party.


Double Mazel Tov!
Amy (Aronowitz) 
and Sean Baker
for the birth of their twins 
Wyley Muir and 
Ayla Pearl  
born December 3, 2015. 

Many Thanks
  • The parents of Bet Sefer students who helped package and sell Mountain Chai Chanukah gelt for this year's Bet Sefer fundraiser. Kol HaKavod, it was a banner year with over $4,000 in sales!
  • Thank you Jordan Davis for stopping by to help package Chanukah gelt! You're good at it!
  • To Bet Sefer teacher Rachel Felous for helping sell chocolate gelt and taking money at the door for the Chanukah party. We'd also like to thank her for teaching Bet Sefer this year and bid her farewell and good luck on her new journey. Lehitraot!
  • Janet Bellis for helping pick up balloons, set up and clean up the Chanukah Party. 
  • To Adrian and Jenny Bernal for stopping by early and helping set up the Chanukah party. 
  • Laurie Thal  for organizing the kids activities during the Chanukah Party.
  • Mike and Barb Scher and Steve and Kelly Zelkovitz  for helping bartend during the Chanukah Party. 
  • To EVERYONE for pitching in and helping clean up the Chanukah Party. If you helped, we are very grateful because it was a mess! 
  • To Lucy Pruzan and Cindy Nigro for bringing wonderful kids' activities for the Chanukah party.
  • Judd Grossman for donating your sound system and leading the candle lighting during the Chanukah Party. 
  • To Isaac Grossman and Rosalie Daval for helping work and clean up the Chanukah party. 
  • To the Keleny family  for the loss of their beloved son and brother, Phil Keleny.
Get Well Soon
  • Keep David Goldfarb in your thoughts.

 Please send us your Mazel Tovs, Condolences, Kol HaKavods, Get Wells and photos of your 
Jewish Pets to:

2015-16 Board of Directors

Josh Kleyman,  Co-president

Mike Scher, C o-president

Amy Aronowitz Baker

Janet Bellis

Rachel Stam, T reasurer

Laurie Thal 

Steve Zelikovitz, 
Vice President

Mary Grossman, Exec. Dir.

For more than 40 years, the  Jackson Hole Jewish Community has welcomed people of all ages and backgrounds who share a love for Jackson Hole and Judaism. We are independent, unaffiliated and inclusive. All are welcome to Jackson Hole's oldest Jewish congregation,  no matter his or her level of Jewish observance.

The Jackson Hole Jewish Community is committed to creating a diverse Jewish presence that unites us, celebrates our faith, and promotes tolerance in the greater Jackson Hole community. We strive to engage all families and individuals in spirituality, education, tzadakah, and the joys of Jewish life.

5776 Membership to the JHJC 

For more than 40 years, the Jackson Hole Jewish Community has welcomed people of all ages and backgrounds who share a love for Jackson Hole and Judaism. We are independent, unaffiliated and inclusive. All are welcome to Jackson Hole's oldest Jewish congregation, no matter his or her level of Jewish observance.


The Jackson Hole Jewish Community is committed to creating a diverse Jewish presence that unites us, celebrates our faith, and promotes tolerance in the greater Jackson Hole community. We strive to engage all families and individuals in spirituality, education, tzadakah, and the joys of Jewish life.


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