January 2021
Happy New Year Everyone!
Hallelujah!! We made it thru 2020 and survived thanks to each and every one of you. I've always said Nature's Treasures is here for you, our customers, and you have proven me right by continuing to come in and buy even when convenience was non-existent. You've reinforced what I've thought all along...that there is a need for the depth of all Nature's Treasures has to offer. It's not just about a rock, a fossil, a class, a gift or even a reading. It's about the whole picture of what we have developed into from listening to what you need and want. We are here for you as much as you are here for us.

As I've mentioned before, the mineral industry is such a small industry and you can't help but find yourself developing close friendships with many vendors, especially after 20 years. When you see each other two times a year that's almost as much, or even more, than you get to see distant relatives. I've very much missed my rock family in 2020. I've missed the hugs, smiles, and laughter as much as the shopping highs and seeing new and amazing finds. We've adapted and changed how we buy inventory so we still get to find and see amazing new minerals, but I will always miss those hugs, smiles, laughter and stories that always came with those buying trips. I have so much respect for those who make their livelihood from such a political and physically taxing business and have developed such admiration for those females who have learned to operate their businesses, parallel in all aspects, regardless of all the gender limitations.

As I sit and contemplate a closing paragraph with encouraging words for 2021, I keep hearing the words that were sent to me by a dear vendor-friend of mine from Madagascar. The message is universal no matter where you are on this continent and I hope she won't mind me sharing her words with y'all.

Dearest Karen,

What a year!!! I am eager to turn this page of 2020 and open a new chapter, a chapter with brighter days, with hope for a world of love, gratitude, kindness and peace.
Let’s be optimistic. Let’s have faith in humanity and be mindful to one another. Together we can prevent the world from falling apart and together we can keep it spinning. The best is yet to come.

I wish you and Mike and your whole family a very healthy and happy festive season and an even better 2021.

With love,

I couldn't have said it better than Elka. Let's all take her words to heart and live by them while making 2021 a year full of wonderful great changes. Maybe take one or two of her wishes and add to your own new years resolution list, I know I will. What empowerment and great changes that would generate f we all put forth this energy.
Please everyone, stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff
10 Minute Thrive Meditation
Please take advantage of a new year meditation with Taylor Ellison!
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January Birthstone :
Black Onyx
January has four Birthstones you can choose from. Learn all about one Alternative Birthstone for January, Black Onyx: Stone of Strength here on our blog. From chemical composition to metaphysical meanings and uses, we've got the subject covered for our January born friends.

Learn more about Black Onyx HERE
Rainbow Moonstone : Stone of New Beginnings
Have you ever wondered just what the difference is between Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone? They are very closely related but they are not the same. Let’s look at the differences and similarities in this blog article about Rainbow Moonstone: The Stone of New Beginnings.

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Meet Our Staff
Michael K
Michael received his Bachelor's of Science in Earth Sciences from Rice University in 2008 and continued on to earn his Master's of Science in Geosciences from The University of Texas at Austin in 2012. Michael recently completed his intro classes with the Gemological Institute of America. As the Nature's Treasures Retail Manager, Michael sees to daily operations, employee relations, customer relations, jewelry purchasing, educational outreach, and marketing & advertising. Michael is a geek at heart, loving all things mineral and the X-Men. Although still playing PokemonGo, these days Michael has been spending more time incorporating crystals into his gardens and greenhouse.

"Aquamarine is one of my Core Stones as it allows me to communicate and release my emotions in a constructive way. I also love the lore of the stone, as many people believed that it would protect them from drowning and sea monsters."
Featured Agate - Moctezuma Agate
Found Just a bit south of the Texas border in northern Chihuahua Provence near Estacion Moctezuma.

The agate is found about 25 Kilometers from Estacion Moctezuma and is dispersed over 3 ranches. They are  Rancho San Martin, Rancho El Barreal, Rancho El Diablo. These deposits were mined heavily until the 1980's when leases expired. From the time they stopped in the 80's up until about 2015 they sat untouched until Jason Brown acquired the rights to dig them.
There are 2 digs and lots of material that is picked up as float ( surface material ). The dug material has a somewhat gritty feeling skin that is colored from a frosty green to a sandy tan. The surface material is sun bleached cream to white skins in color.

This agate is a favorite of collectors due to its lovely pastel colors and nice patterns.
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The Nature's Treasures Community Events Center is undergoing renovations! Our Auditorium will be largely the same, but we will be offering a new and improved Studio space in 2021!

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Healing Arts Festival and Market
Sunday, January 3rd
11a - 6p

The Hilton Garden Inn
8101 Pat Booker Road

Nature's Treasures returns to San Antonio this Sunday! Meet & greet talented artisans and practitioners from all over Texas. This community rocks!

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