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January 2023

News & Announcements

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Time to Update Your Program Info!

The College Search hosted on our website is the only directory of college programs for students with intellectual disability in the US. We annually ask programs to update their information. Please take the time to update your program's information for this year. Current information is important for families and students beginning their college search. For program staff reading this, you should have received an email from Shelby Bates with a Qualtrics survey link. Please fill this survey out by January 31, 2023. If you need help or did not receive the survey, contact Shelby at

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Welcoming our Newest Team Member, Odgerel (Oge)!

We are excited to announce that Odgerel (Oge) Dashzeveg has joined Think College as program assistant. Oge is no stranger to us; she joined the Institute for Community Inclusion in 2015 as a graduate research assistant and has worked on a few Think College projects. Learn more about Oge.

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New Publications from the NCC

A Model for Intentional College and Career Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom shares a framework for students and those who work with them to intentionally plan for and strengthen college and career abilities, gain related experiences in the campus community, and track progress.


IEP Goal Ideas to Support College Readiness includes over 100 ideas for IEP goals to help prepare students with ID for college and beyond. Goal ideas are organized into 4 categories: education, employment, community engagement, and independence.


Developing Registered Apprenticeships within Inclusive Postsecondary Education shares information about apprenticeships and the reasons why they are a promising practice in inclusive postsecondary education.


Developing a College Program for Students with Intellectual Disability provides for a list of areas colleges should consider when developing an inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE) program. There are six program development areas with helpful tips, guiding questions, and many resources to support the process.

Upcoming Webinars

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Collaborating with Employers: Strategies and Tips for Supporting Students with Intellectual Disabilities on the Job

Mar. 23, 2023, 2-3pm ET

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Presenter: Jaclyn Camden, Virginia Commonwealth University

This webinar will share essential components, strategies, and tips for working with employers. Our presenter will share resources and examples of how to work in collaboration with employers to support your students.

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How Engaged are Your Students in Campus Life?

May 2, 2023, 2-3pm ET

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Presenters: Jennifer Sulewski, University of New Hampshire, Ashley Luce, UMass Boston & Lindsay Krech, Vanderbilt University

This webinar will provide four guideposts to assist programs in supporting authentic community life engagement on campus.

National Coordinating Center's Accreditation Workgroup

The Accreditation Workgroup continues to work towards the creation of a program accreditation process and the establishment of an accrediting agency. Read this update to learn what they are up to and what is planned for 2023. 

Transition and Postsecondary Education Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability (TPSID)

TPSID are model demonstration projects funded by the US Department of Education.

Road Trip!

Last fall, staff from Think College visited two TPSID sites in California: University of California Davis and Taft College. In February, we’re visiting University of South Alabama and University of Alabama. This is just the beginning of plans to visit all 22 sites over the next two years. These visits allow us to see inclusive higher education first-hand, talk to faculty, students, family, and program staff, and identify promising practices within each program. 

Technical Assistance Question of the Month

Question: My son has Medicaid Waiver funds. Can he use these funds to pay for supports in college?

Answer: Yes, your son may be able to use his Medicaid Waiver funds to pay for a number of college costs, including daily living supports. However, every state has considerable discretion in choosing the waiver services it will pay. Some may pay for peer supports, others may pay for tuition and fees. Find out what your state allows by reading our insight brief Medicaid HCBS Waiver Support for Students with Intellectual Disability Attending College: What’s Available in Your State?

Think College Affinity Groups

Think College hosts professional development Affinity Groups on topics related to higher education for students with intellectual disability. Below are upcoming meetings and links to registration pages. Sign up to receive email updates and announcements via this Google Form.

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State Alliances Affinity Group

January 19, 3-4pm ET, Zoom registration

Topic: Discussion on Joining Alliances


Graduate Student Affinity Group

January 25, 3-4pm ET, Zoom registration

Topic: Understanding Graduate School Processes


Research Affinity Group

January 30, 1-2pm ET, Zoom registration


Vocational Rehabilitation Affinity Group

February 1, 2-3pm ET, Zoom registration


Student Credentials Affinity Group

February 2, 3-4pm ET, Zoom registration


College-based Transition Services Affinity Group

February 9, 2-3pm ET, Zoom registration

Topic: Transfer opportunities for dually enrolled students with intellectual disability


Inclusive Campus Life Affinity Group

February 10, 1-2pm ET, Zoom registration


Employment Partnerships Affinity Group

February 15, 1-2pm, Zoom registration


Career and Technical Education Affinity Group

February 21, 3-4pm ET, Zoom registration

Topic: Industry recognized credentials


Early Career Researchers Affinity Group

February 23, 1-2pm, Zoom registration

Topic: Collaborative Research Ideas

Inside Think College Blog

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We Have a Lot to Do This Year!

By Rebecca Lazo, Think College Staff

Curious about Think College activities this year? Read Rebecca’s blog post for a sneak peek into the future, as well as some reflection on the past year. 

For Students

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Think College Stories:

I Was a Think College Policy Advocate!

As a Think College Policy Advocate (TCPA) in 2022, Arthur learned about advocacy and disability policy from experts at AUCD and Think College and traveled to Washington, DC to visit and talk with representatives about issues important to people with disabilities. Read Arthur’s story.

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Encourage Students to Engage in this Discussion Group!

We have set our 2023 meeting schedule for the Emerging Advocate Student Group. During the meeting, students with disabilities from different colleges meet to talk about important topics like being a college student and disability rights. We meet 4 times a year on Zoom. Registration is required. If you have questions, contact Liz at or Sheila at


February 16, 2023, from 7-8pm ET

Click here to register


April 11, 2023, from 3-4pm ET

Click here to register


October 12, 2023, from 3-4pm ET

Click here to register


December 11, 2023, from 3-4pm ET

Click here to register


Please also encourage students to join the emerging advocates student mailing list at

Other Think College Projects

Learn more about our other projects:

Partner Organizations

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AUCD Leadership Academy  

Application Deadline: March 3, 2023

The AUCD Leadership Academy is a one-year program that is designed for current and emerging leaders from the disability community. The program's goal is to develop and improve leadership skills. The Academy teaches people how to improve systems of support and services, including federal and state agencies, and advocacy organizations. Click here to learn more.


AUCD Network Narratives: Equity, Employment, and the Fight for Economic Justice with Chisa O’Quinn

In this episode of AUCD Network Narratives, Chisa O'Quinn, talks to podcast host, Jeiri Flores, through her journey in the employment equity space. O'Quinn's advocacy style, which fronts listening and creating space for people with diverse identities, is discussed in the context of her employment equity work. Listen now!

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2023 AHEAD Management Institutes

January 26-28, 2023, in San Diego, California

AHEAD’s Management Institutes offer an intimate setting, hands-on learning, networking opportunities, and experienced faculty that bring attendees back year after year. To learn more about the two-day Institute, visit the conference website.

Capacity Building Institute & Online Events

The NTACT:C Capacity Building Institute (CBI) will provide participants from state interagency transition teams access to content and panel discussions; engagement with colleagues and content resources; and facilitated strategic planning time. Learn more.

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