Katie's Kids Mission Statement

To elevate child development to a new level by leading the social and emotional growth and education of young children by providing a safe, welcoming home-like environment with a caring, educated, and professional staff that promotes partnerships between parents children and other early childhood professionals. 
Upcoming Events


January 1                     Katie's Kids Closed for New Years
January 6                     Annual Activity Fee Due $75 per child 
January 11                  Saturday Night Live @ Fort Jesse
January 20                  School Age No School Day

School Age Program Date
January 20

School Age Children will be out of school in celebration of Dr Martin Luther King's birthday.  Katie's Kids will be hosting a program full of fun activities.  

Are Back 
Wednesday January 8th
Pulled Pork Sandwich
House Cut Seasoned Fries
Strawberry Icebox Cake
Wednesday January 15th
Chicken Enchilada Soup
Corn Bread
Double Chocolate Chip Brownies
Wednesday January 22nd
Buffalo Wings
House Made Cole Slaw
Peanut Butter Cookies
  Wednesday January 29th
Baked Mostaccioli
Garlic Bread & Side Salad
Carrot Cake Cupcakes
Saturday Night Live

January 11
Katie's Kids @ Fort Jesse

Need a night off? Can't find a babysitter? Check out Saturday Night Live @ Katie's Kids! Saturday Night Live is a Saturday evening full of fun for children while families go out. Children can enjoy playing, having dinner with friends, and snuggling in for a movie.  
NAC Re-Accreditation

Katie's Kids has officially mailed off the paperwork for NAC re-accreditation.   The National Accreditation Commission or NAC requires updating paperwork as well as an onsite validation visit every five years.  We are currently in our fourth year of being accredited and will expect our onsite visit within the next year.  

Thank you to all the families who recently filled out the surveys, we appreciate the feedback we received.  We will utilize the feedback to create a positive movement within the Katie's Kids environment.  

Thank you for your support as we go through this process.  

Winter Weather

In the event Katie's Kids is closed due to weather, please refer to our website at  www.katieskids.net or our facebook page. The closure will also be posted on WJBC, WBNQ, or WBWN.  
The most important things in life are the 
connections you make with others.
-Tom Ford
What is Most Important in 
Early Childhood Education Programs?

Lilian Katz, well-respected pioneer in the field of early care and education, writing in the book Art of Leadership: Cultivating Curriculum, offers a list of "possible experiences that I suggest all children should have much of the time:
  • Feelings of belonging and feeling welcomed
  • Feelings of being taken seriously
  • Feeling what it is like to understand some things better (or more deeply)
  • Experience of applying their developing skills in purposeful and meaningful ways
  • Being intellectually engaged and challenged
  • Experience of overcoming setbacks and obstacles
  • Experience of offering suggestions to peers and helping them understand something better
  • Experience of taking initiative, appropriate responsibilities, making some choices, and so forth."
In the DVD, Voices, Insights from the Field: Building Enrollment, two other leaders in the ECE field share insights into what they believe families most want in programs for their children:
"The preschool years are a terribly emotional time, a wonderful time, but terribly emotional," Bob Siegel says. "What's the number one thing parents first want? Safety and security. That's an emotional message. They must be able to trust you."

Anne Saunders believes the next thing families look for is "a balance of social, emotional, academic and physical development. Whole-child development is really what parents are looking for."

Help spread the word of Katie's Kids!
Do you have a friend, neighbor, or colleague looking for care?  For every family you refer to Katie's Kids we will apply a $50 credit to your account after the family has been with us  for 90 days.  
Community Resource

 Normal Public Library's Children Outreach Librarian has been hosting story time at Katie's Kids for the last few months.  She sings and reads to the children during this 30 minute time period.  
The Normal Library is promoting a 100 Book Reading Log before Kindergarten as well as a variety of fun events at the library.  Follow the link below to check out all the fun events going on at the library.  

Check out the new  winter activity guide!