When a call for help is put out in the community, SOS jumps at the chance to serve. The Coalition for the Homeless are conducting their annual Street Count at the end of January and we have assembled personal care kits that include socks, body wash, sanitizing wipes, shampoo and more that will be distributed to the homeless in Louisville. Not letting anything go to waste, SOS finds a way to put the non-medical items we collect into the hands of those who need it most. SOS is uniquely capable of providing this service and this is just one example of neighbors helping neighbors when the need is greatest.
Example of the personal care kits SOS regularly provides to social service organizations.
SOS in the Community
SOS has received amazing feedback from our local partners describing the impact of our donations in 2020. We'll be highlighting all of these through various media so make sure you're following our Facebook page for more. Here's two we couldn't wait to share!
Hopkins County Health Sciences Program
"Without the supplies that you provide, this program would become stagnant. The supplies that are provided are often the difference in a student deciding to pursue a career in healthcare or not. Students want to be in our classes because they get to have "hands on" activities. You make that possible for us. Without the kindness, generosity and help that you provide, we would not be where we are today."
Alley Cat Advocates
"Without the assistance provided by SOS, we would use our scarce financial resources to purchase supplies, impacting our ability to continue the [spay/neuter and surgical] services we provide. Pickles came in with a condition in which his eyelids were turned inward and were rubbing on the surface of the eyeball, causing his eyes to be irritated and painful. After Pickles was neutered, our veterinarian was able to correct both eyes and he was seeing normally right away. Extra care like this is life changing for cats like Pickles."
SOS Around the World
For the past four years, SOS has supported the Friends Eye Clinic in Ghana that provides life-changing eye surgeries. In 2018, while in Ghana, we met Anush (right), a young boy saved from permanent blindness thanks to surgical items sent by SOS. This month we are sending another shipment to the Friends Eye Clinic, where even more people will have their eyesight, that most vital sense, saved.

We'll have much more good news from this shipment as we get closer to its arrival and you'll hear directly from Seth Wanye, the surgeon in Ghana who is making all of this possible!
New Year, New Faces
SOS's longtime driver Wade Cunningham retired at the end of 2020. Hospital staff, after seeing Wade every week for years, have missed him and told us how much they respected his dedication and hard work.

Before leaving Wade took our new driver John under his wing. You can listen to John's passion for our mission in this short video describing some recent donations.
Thanks to Our Sponsors
SOS would like to thank the Anthem Foundation for their recent contribution to the Local Health Program. With their support, we can increase our impact on medical clinics, social services, job-skills training and education of all kinds right here in Louisville!

SOS is a Louisville, Kentucky-based nonprofit organization that meets critical healthcare needs in impoverished communities at home and around the world by collecting and distributing surplus medical supplies and equipment.

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