January 2020 e-news
Delivering a World of Health and Hope .
Fighting Disease in South Sudan
Around the world, millions of people die every year from diseases that are no longer an issue in the Western world. Every day, we receive reports of children and the elderly dying of tuberculosis, typhoid, even common diarrhea. Every day, we work to make a difference in these communities - if one less child dies of a preventable disease, then we have succeeded.

Last year, we teamed up with our partners Waterstep and Love the Hungry in South Sudan to assist Nile Orphan Care. Working with John Deng Ater and his wife, we packed suitcases of supplies for his trip to South Sudan (pictured). With over 150 pounds of medical supplies from SOS, Nile Orphan Care was able to treat over 100 patients in two days when they arrived in Juba, South Sudan. Love the Hungry and Waterstep also provided fortified meals and water purification equipment - thus continuing to provide a holistic approach to health care in this community devastated by HIV/AIDS and common diseases killing the most vulnerable.

Nile Orphan Care plans to open a small clinic in Juba to serve children within the orphanage and the surrounding community. By collaborating with our partners in the US, we can provide a solid foundation for the people of South Sudan to build upon. An outbreak of malaria in September 2019 that killed dozens of the communities children and elderly shows the urgency in providing quality, sustainable healthcare in the region. By working together every day with our partners and supporters, we can create change in a community that will reverberate through generations of healthy, hopeful mothers, children and future leaders of South Sudan.
Rice from Love the Hungry delivered to Juba, South Sudan.
Solar panel installation that will provide clean energy in Juba, South Sudan.
Student Service in Lake Forest
Last fall, SOS spent a weekend at the Middleton Family Fun Festival where our team and volunteers were able to share our mission with dozens of families from the neighborhood. One family we met, the Shearn's (pictured), and their oldest daughter Raegen took our mission to heart and decided to help!

Reagan is a student at Stopher Elementary School and after hearing about our mission of saving young children just like her, she decided to recruit her classmates to collect medical supplies for our overseas shipments! Reagan and her classmates collected over 2,500 boxes of band aids, as well as wheelchairs and walkers! These items will be included in our next shipment to Liberia and the community members in Baclayville, Liberia will know a little lady in Louisville, Kentucky took the time to support them!

If your school or neighborhood association would like to start your own band aid or first aid raid, send us an email for more details!
Get Hands-On With Our Mission
2019 was a year full of tremendous volunteer groups that have helped us prepare and package countless boxes of supplies. In 2020, why not spend some time helping us improve global health? Every medical shipment saving lives was made possible by our volunteers!
Hardin Memorial Hospital
Ford Motor Company
U of L School of Nursing
Norton Hospital, Diversity & Inclusion
If you are interested in volunteering with a group of friends, colleagues or church group members, we'd love to have you! Click here for more information or send us an email to schedule. 
Thanks To Our Supporters and Sponsors
Thank you to our December sponsors for supporting the mission of SOS!
Ramsi's Cafe on the World
Sacred Heart Lacrosse
Najla's Cookies
Trinity High School Lacrosse


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