January 2017

January Monthly Challenge
Alternative Transportation

Take a look at the activities proposed in the guidebook:
  • Green Schools Challenge: select 1 out of the first 4 activities
  • WE-LAB: refer to activity #5
  • Green City Challenge: refer to activity #6
How To Get Points
Download the submission form, fill out all the sections and submit it to your program manager along with photos or videos by January 31st.

Green Schools Challenge program manager: Mabel@dreamingreen.org
Green City Challenge program manager: Education@coralgablesmuseum.org
WE-LAB program manager: Alexandra@dreamingreen.org

Bonus Points
Engage with us on social media every month using #DIGAcademy
Create your own monthly challenge (Green Schools Challenge program only)
Complete all 6 monthly challenges or 4 field experiences by May 2017

Mid-Year Meeting: Jan. 23, 2017
Please  RSVP for our mid-year meeting which is taking place on  January 23rd from 10 am to 12 pm at iPrep Academy. Earn 5 points for attending! 

Dream in Green has $22,750 available to award as grants to schools this year. Apply for both below and visit our website  to learn more.
The deadline to submit proposals for the January monthly challenge - Alternative Transportation - is Friday, December 23rd. Remember, the grant is for $550!  Download the guidelines for the proposal.

Transform a space in your school into an Eco-Hub for environmental learning. The deadline for this  $5,000 Eco-Hub grant is also Friday, December 23rd! Download the guidelines for this proposal.

The Academy's Star Schools
Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world! 

S tudents from Miami Sunset Senior High School upcycled materials from their school that would have been thrown away otherwise. They created garden planters and furniture for their outdoor garden space.
Students from  Key Biscayne Presbyterian School  held a Recycle Rally at their school and created costumes made from recycled materials such as cardboard boxes and food trays. 

Students from  Aventura Waterways
 K-8 Center  built their own furniture from recycled materials that can be used in their homes. They created a sofa, a doghouse, a ping-pong table, a video game holder and  more!
Students from  Pinecrest Elementary 
School created recycled rainbow 
crayons and sent them along to students in Haiti with a warm message, hoping that it brings them joy after the storm. 
Engage  With  Us On Social Media

Has your Green Team been sharing photos of their activities on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Don't forget to tag Dream in Green's profiles and email your program manager the screen-shots of the messages you post. 

12/14 Miami Heat Recognition 
A big thank you to the Miami Heat for recognizing our dedicated staff and some of our outstanding teachers on court before the game. Also, for letting our Green Team student members high-five the players!  It was an exciting evening and these types of collaborations are important to keep students motivated as well as to promote our mission to a wider audience.  Check out the photos on our Facebook.
Educational & Community Resources

Public transit  in Miami-Dade County just became easier. You now have the option of paying with the new EASY Pay mobile app.  Also, learn about reusing and recycling your car's used oil here.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology  has information to help consumers pick the greenest car . Surprisingly, not all hybrids have a small carbon footprint. The research has been summarized in an easy-to-use app .
S ave the date and register for the 2 016 Miami-Dade STEAM Expo's 63rd South Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SFRSEF). Taking place on Saturday, February 4th, 2017 at Miami-Dade College, North Campus at 8 AM. More information here

Grants for Special Projects

CITY FOOD is a new friend of Dream in Green. Their grow bed products allow you to easily and aesthetically grow your own organic vegetable garden! Visit the site for more information. This may be a good tool for the Eco-HUB Project proposals and March's "Food Efficiency" challenge. 
Collaborate with a municipality, non-profit or community organization to plant native or Florida-friendly trees on Miami-Dade's corridors and gateways. Grants of  $5,000 to  $25,000 will be awarded to those communities who can demonstrate the greatest benefits for residents, employers and visitors and are able to provide a stewardship plan for our joint investment.  Deadline: Dec. 20, 2016. 

Gearing up for the Holidays
The volume of household waste in the United States generally increases 25% during the holiday season. Below are some tips on how to be more environmentally conscious and develop sustainable behaviors: 

- Make your own gift wrapping and decorations