First of all, we'd like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

2018 saw KACB gaining momentum in so many areas as we work to benefit all of Aransas County. We are a small board of 15, there is no way we could have not done it without you, our volunteers and supporters. Your caring and showing up is what made the big differences and the fun! We have much planned for 2019 and hope you will continue to join us as we strive to Keep Aransas County Beautiful.

A Serious New Year's Resolution Suggestion: please consider making even small changes in how you can better help Aransas County in its conservation needs. Much of what we get out of our roads and waterways is plastic...

Feb. 9th Salt Lake Cleanup - 1:00 to 4:00

Salt Lake was one of the hardest hit areas in Harvey's tidal surge. Please join your friends in a waterway cleanup and show this area some love.

Will be cleaning up the Rookery Islands and Shorelines. We are needing persons with homes that back up to the lake to join us and to help get volunteers out, especially if you live along Copano Ridge Road.

Check in spot TBD. Dress for the weather. Bring your own water thermos, kayaks, boats, etc. We are looking for sponsors to help with food for volunteers, etc.

Next Up: Holiday Beach in Lamar in March!

February Kicks Off
2019 Campaign

2019's theme will be
Love Where You Live and Play
in all we do.

Be on the lookout for fun surprises around the county to mark the occasion.
Aransas Bay Bird Nesting Restorations

KACB has teamed up with CBBEP to help replace nesting platforms and native ground plantings in 3 different areas in Aransas Bay:
Little Bay, Deadman's Reef and soon Carlos Dugout.

Supplying 30 new nesting sites lost during Harvey.

Thank you to our local Builders First Source, formerly ProBuild for donating all the lumber and materials for the effort. And, Texas A&M Kingsville for donating important ground planting material our baby birds.
Cold Stunned Sea Turtle Initiative

Greening and Cleanups for Our Land, Air and Sea Life Leads to Unique and Important Education Program in the County.

A whopping 32 Aransas County Citizens surprised Padre Island National Seashore officials by signing up and attending a Cold Stunned Sea Turtle Training class in November, marking the first time ever for a Aransas Bay citizen lead rescue team. 2 turtles have been found during patrols, but they had unfortunately perished due to boat strikes and sent to ARK for study.

When our waters get cold (48 degree water threshold) be on the look out and call us if you spot one in distress!

We already have our training class set up for next year to be held in Aransas County on Oct. 24th at 5:30.

Rockport-Fulton Entry Monuments are Sailing Again!

One installed another soon! Metal Signs Spell Out W-E-L-C-O-M-E in Nautical Flag speak.

This was a true Aransas Co. Community effort led by KACB:
  • Sails were created at New Beginnings Upholstery,Inc.
  • Specialty Metal Nautical Flags via The Little Sign Shop
  • Rick Martinez, City of Rockport Parks Director and his great crew did all the installation.

With special Thanks to the generous people at Keep Texas Beautiful  via a Harvey Grant we received!

Greening also coming soon!
We plan to install new beds using only pretty, native Aransas County plantings. Bonus, they'll attract butterflies and use less water.
Our 2 Park Benches Installed on Aransas Pathways

We are very happy to announce that the 2 park benches KACB donated to Aransas' Pathways - Ivy Lane Location were installed! One is located as you walk in and one further down the path closer to the pond.

Thank you, to John Strothman and your team for getting them built before the end of the year. What a wonderful way to start the new year!

KACB is keen to join hands and hearts with all agencies and organizations in our area. We all want the same thing...
2 Important Cleanups in One Week:
Citizens Kick Out 17 Tons of Harvey's Mess!
Cove Harbor Cleanup

Citizen volunteers removed 5 tons of steel out of the wetlands and another 2 tons of debris off the roadways and birding viewing platform to the south. Using their air and bay boats to get the job done.
Photo courtesy of

Little Bay Cleanup

In addition to helping Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program install a new bird nesting platform, volunteers removed 8 tons of debris off of the two rookery islands and another 2 tons of that unsightly debris off of Broadway that washed up during the recent flooding.

Aransas County Adopt a Highway/Spot Initiative

In 2019, we will be reaching out to all full and part time citizens, HOAs, community organizations, businesses, churches and more to help do their part in keeping roadways and spots that are dear to them in shipshape.

We hope to install adopt a highway signage, etc. in as many areas as we can.
Empowering citizens is the only way to effectively cleanup the county and keep it clean. All supplies and haul off provided free of charge.

If you'd like to grab a spot, before someone else does, please call or email us!

Thank you all for following us. So many of you are helping make a difference in Aransas County. Here's to looking forward to a great 2019 for us all!


D'Ann Williams, KACB President