Issue I | January 2020
New Year, New Opportunities to Support Magnolia
Welcome to 2020 and a great new year ahead for the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce and our members. January is full of opportunities for your participation. Please join us for ArtWalk in Magnolia Village from 4-7 pm on January 25th and on January 28th at Chinooks starting at 6:30pm for the dinner meeting to celebrate the successes of 2019, engage in 2020 activities, and honor the Person of the Year. Details are below and we welcome your active participation.
ArtWalk 2020 launches Saturday, January 25, 4 to 7pm – Join us in Magnolia Village
Please join the members of the Magnolia Art Experience - or MAX - and the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce this coming Saturday, January 25 th  starting at 4:00 pm for the launch of the 2020 season of ArtWalk

ArtWalk takes place in Magnolia Village and celebrates local artists and supports our local merchants. Make the evening complete by dining at one of Magnolia’s many fine restaurants before or after enjoying art, meeting local merchants, and engaging with other ArtWalk participants.

The 2020 Art Walk in Magnolia is a quarterly event that will take place on January 25, April 25, July 25, and October 24 and features local artists with local Magnolia merchants from the Village. Participants will enjoy formal Art Walk receptions at each of the designated merchants.

Pick up your map for this Saturday’s ArtWalk at any one of the 11 host merchants, including our cherished annual sponsors, Coldwell Banker Bain, Dennis Williams, Jr. of Edward Jones, Modele’s, Triune Pilates, Unravel Therapeutics, or Windermere Real Estate.
Annual Person of the Year Dinner - January 28 – Register today
The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce’s first meeting of the year will start at 6:30pm on January 28th at Chinooks, located at Fisherman’s Terminal in Magnolia. It will be a great night of delicious Pacific Northwest fare, meeting and reconnecting with others from the community, and celebrating our Person of the Year winner, Ms. Shelley Zuvich, a well-respected and cherished Albertson’s employee. We will also feature discussion on a review of 2019 activities and accomplishments and our plans for 2020. Please join us!
You and Your Magnolia Chamber - better together
MagSwag is Coming

Can there be anything better? We think not!

Coming soon will be all the details on how you can purchase your MagSwag and support local non-profits. You will be able to purchase your own Discover Magnolia sweatshirt, tee shirt, and/or fabulous coffee mug with the Discover Magnolia logo. Perfect for you, awesome for gifts, nifty for customers. Details are still being worked out, but we aim to support our non-profit members and their various missions.  
April 3 rd  – Vino in the Village. Save the Date

Mark your calendars and join us for 2020’s first Vino in the Village event on April 3rd. Great opportunity to enjoy delicious and award-winning Washington wines while being hosted by participating Magnolia merchants. Festivities include special offers, raffle items, and other delightful benefits while supporting your local community and celebrating one of Washington’s best products. 

Join Us in 2020 for ALL of our great events ( please note that dates may be subject to change )
Jan 25 - Art Walk
Jan 28 - Person of the Year Dinner

Apr 5 - Vino in the Village
Apr 25 - Art Walk

May 2 - Move Magnolia
May 19 - Nonprofit Expo

Jun 6 - “Celebrating the Reveal Magnolia Beautification

July 25 - Art Walk
July 28 - Community Spaghetti Dinner
July 31-Aug 2 - Summerfest 2020

Sep 19 - Wag in the Mag

Oct 9 - Vino in the Village
Oct 30 - Trick or Treat/Parade 2020

Dec. 5 - Winterfest 2020

Volunteer Opportunities – Magnolia Beautification Project
The Magnolia Beautification committee needs volunteers to lend a hand in making our existing green benches located in Magnolia Village look gleaming and welcoming. Specifically, the committee is seeking volunteers for the following activities:

  • Loading and Unloading Green Benches for Repainting. Opportunity for two to three sturdy volunteers, for one hour between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm during the second or third week of February to help load existing benches onto an already donated truck. If interested and to find out more details, please contact Cheryl McQuiston at or by phone at 206-390-8698

  • Cleaning the Bronze Plaques that Recognize Donors. The existing green benches have bronze plaques that have recently been removed to ready the benches for repainting. These commemorative plaques, honoring those donors who originally invested in the benches, need to be cleaned and restored to their original brilliance. If you are interested in helping spruce up the plaques, please contact Cheryl McQuiston at or by phone at 206-390-8698

Instantly Feel Good and be a MVP – Volunteer for Magnolia Events 
The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce is always seeking volunteers – like YOU – to help out and support our many events. 2020 is your year to “get your volunteer on” and help make our events a success (and a lot of fun!). Contact Jason Thibeaux at or by phone at 206-618-1589 if you want to learn more and interested in being a Magnolia Volunteer Powerhouse (MVP)

Welcome to the Expanded Board of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce
The board of our Magnolia Chamber of Commerce has expanded, adding several new members. The board represents a wide variety of active business owners as well as residents working outside of Magnolia or retired professionals who bring a wealth of expertise and experience. All are deeply passionate about furthering the interests of merchants in Magnolia and advocating on behalf of the community and its economic development and quality of life. Below are the officers and members of the Chamber: 

Pat Craft - Windermere Real Estate

Candice Hoyt - Community Member

Chuck Flaherty - Magnolia Garden Center

Bill Whitham - Community Member

  • Wes Walls - Dwelling Place Church
  • Daniela Eng - WBL Services
  • Robyn Baroh - Community Member
  • Joan Enticknap - Community Member
  • David Dougherty - Community Member
  • Ann Goos - Public Affairs Consultant
  • Sean Hoyt - Sean Hoyt Art / Affinity Photography
  • Jason Hall - Magnolia Paw Spa
  • David McDonald - Community Member
  • Rory O’Sullivan - Mainspring Wealth Advisors
  • Nadine Archambault - Staples
Growing our Family Memberships
As a proud member of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce, you know the benefits of our Discover Magnolia efforts to improve the business climate here in our neighborhood. We encourage more family memberships to support events that help our local merchants. More family memberships mean more mixing, mingling, and rubbing elbows with other members of our community at our various events. This leads to opportunities you never imagined and building customers and supporters. Help spread the word and encourage your neighbors, friends, and customers to join the Magnolia Chamber.