I don’t know when my obsession with cows started. 

Where I grew up in Marin, our tract home was surrounded by Portuguese dairy farms. Everywhere you looked were beautiful Holsteins, moo-ving and grazing. I get comfort from cows. And I love diary. Whether to drink or eat or cook with. Milk, sour cream, cheese or ice cream--I’m in! 

So, imagine my surprise that I get to work with cows twice in this new year! I will be doing some work with Florida Milk and a Satellite Media Tour with a New York client representing MILK. My cup runneth over...I'm utterly thrilled! (I can’t stop myself.) 

Enjoy our creamy soup recipes. And be prepared for all of my selfies with my new cow friends in the next newsletter! 

Moo for now. 

Happy and healthy 2020 to us all!