Looking Back at 2017
Happy New Year, Friends and Family!
As we look back on 2017, we are proud to say that it was a stellar year for the Foundation and our scholars.  Here are a few highlights from the year: we participated in the Women's March, Pat Benatar wrote a song  and donated the proceeds to support our scholars, we were profiled in Bethesda Magazine ,  we doubled the amount of donations from 2016 to 2017 including donations from past scholars (a first!), and we awarded a record number of scholarships to a record number of women: giving out a total of $100,000 in scholarships to 20 women in public service and the sciences!
While 2017 was a big year for both our organization and women in general, we can't wait to see what's in store for 2018. A historic number of women are running for public office, which is fabulous news and a huge step to having more women at the policy making table. But these candidates need female staff and future generations of women need to prepare to run for office. That requires organizations like ours to help women - particularly economically disadvantaged women and women of color - get the professional development they need. The same is true for helping women in the sciences get the training and mentorship they need to accomplish all the wonderful discoveries in their futures. In 2018, we'll support 20 more women in public service and the sciences because as the saying goes, the future is female.
To do our part to support these future women change makers, we're adding more people to our team. In 2018, we'll be bringing on an executive director (more details to come soon!) and a past scholar will join the board of directors along with Maddie Palmieri, who turns 21 and becomes a full board member!
None of this would be possible without your support - from financial contributions to mentorship to volunteering to review applications to telling others about our scholarships - it wouldn't get done without a little help from our friends. Gearing up for 2018, we have a number of events and opportunities we hope you will add to your calendars (see below).  We will continue to need your help, so please donate and if you are interested in getting involved in other ways please let us know. As always, thank you for your support and have a wonderful 2018.
~ Maggie, Meredith & Rebecca
Sponsorships & Grants

In addition to our scholars, we support a variety of individuals, programs, and conferences through  our sponsorships and grants fund . In 2017, we supported young girls through a mentoring program at Mater Academy High School for first generation, low income, Latina  students and the Girls of Promise program in Little Rock, Arkansas, which encourages young girls in the sciences. 

We also sponsored two conferences: one focused on gender and international affairs at Tufts University and the Women's Convention in Detroit, Michigan, where co-founder Maggie Moore opened a plenary discussion on intersectionality.
Breaking Barriers

On November 15, the Foundation celebrated its sixth anniversary by hosting its fourth annual Breaking Barriers event in  Washington , DC. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Dava Newman, former deputy administrator of NASA, told us to shoot for the moon, be inclusive, and be feisty. Please take a moment to read her remarks here . Thirteen former scholars and approximately 100 of our friends and family came to hear her speak and celebrate six successful years with the Foundation.

Why We Do What We Do

Women are 1/2 of the labor force but less than 1/4 of STEM workers. This is especially troubling because STEM is growing - faster than any other job sector.
Why are women left behind in STEM? And how can we support them?

The B.A. Rudolph Foundation's white paper  describes the current state of women in STEM, identifies five critical points in which women tend to diverge from STEM fields, describes factors that push and pull women out of STEM, highlights unique opportunities these fields represent, and provides recommendations for getting women to stay. 

  Read Solving for XX: Challenges and Opportunities for Women in STEM
Mark Your Calendars

February 1  - Scholarship Applications Open
March 28 - Graduate Applications Due
April 4 - STEM Applications Due
April 11  - Undergraduate Applications Due
April 13 - Annual Dinner in Little Rock, AR
June 23 - Welcome BBQ in Washington, DC