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January 2018 

Lanier Village Estates hosted the Mid-South OlympiActs on November 15, 2017.

Mid-South Region Acts residents show their enthusiasm for  OlympiActs 
and the Total Brain Health Games  on November 15, 2017

From the Desk of Dr. Green

Think Faster! 3 Simple and Effortless Ways to Rev Up Your Thinking Each Day

"Hey, I just don't think as fast as I used to!" Perhaps this is a complaint you have heard from others, or may even feel yourself from time to time. We may notice it when we have a harder time keeping track of directions, staying on task at work, or feel left behind when talking (or texting!) with our children or grandchildren.

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Training, Talks and More
Join Dr. Green at ASA Conference
Dr. Green will host a morning brain workout on Wed., March 28th and will be part of a panel on brain training effectiveness on Thurs., March 29th at the 2018 American Society on Aging Conference in San Francisco. 

Total Brain Health Sponsors Memory Competition Games at the Acts Southeast Region's 2018 OlympiActs.
Total Brain Health is proud to once again sponsor the Total Brain Health Games competition as part of Acts Retirement-Life Communities southeast region OlympiActs on  March 9th

Cal-a-Vie Spa 
April 15-20, 2018 | Vista, CA
Dr. Green will share the latest science and best ways for achieving optimal brain health over the week with spa guests.

TBH Memory Level 2.0 Toolkit

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Our next-level memory strategies course is here!

You can expect:
  • 8 Themes | 24 Memory Builders
  • All new ramped-up memory training workouts
  • New strategies along with reviews of traditional techniques
  • A "Memory Best" Daily Challenge for out-of-class engagement

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