Life Choices - January 2018
   Sanctity of Life Sunday - A Blessed, Busy Weekend for BsideU For Life!
Ronald Reagan declared the first Sanctity of Human Life day in 1984, eleven years after the Supreme Court handed down the decision in Roe v. Wade to legalize abortion.  In the decades since, churches across America and in our own community have acknowledged the anniversary in various ways.  Some pastors are faithful to preach on the Sanctity of Human Life every year on the Sunday nearest to the Roe v. Wade anniversary.  Though a solemn anniversary indeed, some churches give the anniversary a positive spin and celebrate the work done by pro-life ministries like BsideU for Life.
Three churches we know of did exactly that ...   (to read more  click here )

 Volunteer Spotlight
   "For our newest counselor the pieces came together"...
 Prayers Answered
It was another extraordinary day......

A Look at 2017
Because of your generous support in response to our year end mailings.....
Prayer and Praise

We are Praising and Thanking God for:
  • Area churches that had Sanctity of Life events or sermons January 20 - 21!
  • Several returned clients have returned for support to restart their GED, find healing from past abortion, or just reconnect
  • New board members and the faithful service of those who rolled off at the end of their terms this year--Don Gilmour, Cindee Coffee, and Ben Hedrick
  • A woman came out of EMW on January 5th in direct answer to prayer and saved her baby!
  • Saved Babies!!!!

We ask Prayers for:
  • Family members of our staff and volunteers who are stricken with serious illnesses including cancer, kidney failure and infections
  • Clients would not be deterred from coming do to cold weather or lose momentum when JCPS has snow days!
  • Wisdom and a smooth transition as we launch our new Life Skills Curriculum in February around the pillars of Personal Wellness, Relational Wellness and Financial Readiness in addition to our ongoing classes and support programs
  • God's provision and wisdom in our providing meals for our clients and their children as we partner with churches or outside agencies
  • Wisdom for our clients in the decisions they need to make

BsideU for Life 
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