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Pets Are Inn                                                                                             January, 2016
Dear Ann,

The weatherman has given us a reprieve from the sub zero temps and people are posting pictures on Facebook of being outside in the snow with no coats and even shorts!  What else does a Minnesotan do when the temps get above zero?

The cold weather has resulted in many folks planning winter getaways to Mexico and the Caribbean. Sunshine, sandy beaches, sky blue water and green grass are a great alternative to the cold weather.

With the cold weather we should be putting jackets or sweaters on our dogs when we take them outside.  We have included a great article on tips for dressing your dog. Please take time to read this if your dog is not receptive to wearing a jacket (typical teenager!)

Starting in March, Delta will no longer allow larger pets to be checked onto their owner’s flights.  Instead, they’ll be handled as freight.  Pets will have to arrive at the airport three hours before a flight, be dropped off and picked up at the airlines cargo facility, and may be on a different flight that may arrive at a different time.

Thanks, Ann

SPRING BREAK SCHEDULE (South Metro & River South)
First Week: March 21- March 25
Second Week (heaviest): March 28 - April 1
Third Week: April 4 - April 8 
Keep Your Dog Warm
With a Sweater or Jacket!

It's been colder than ever these past few weeks. Is your dog comfortable with clothing? If not, read our blog for some tips on getting her used to her new jacket or sweater.
Does your cat continue to get on your counters and tables?

If your cat likes to perch, chances are he is a frequent visitor on your counters. If you want to change this behavior, read our blog for some tips!

Click here for the full article
Pet of the Month: Tinker

Tinker is a Miniature Schnauzer, weighing in at just 10 pounds. At 7 years old (estimate as she was a rescue) she has seen her share of the world and has brought laughter and joy to her owners, Glenda and Ron, and her loving host families. She's quiet and mild mannered but does enjoy a good back-rub. We have been lucky to care for Tinker for going on 4 years now!

Transportation Schedule
Mark Your Calendar
February 14: Valentine's Day
February 15: President's Day
February 11 - April 13: Spring Break Peak Season
March 13: Daylight Savings Begins
March 17: St. Patrick's Day
*** March 27: Easter ***
April 22-30: Passover
May 8: Mother's Day
May 25 - June 1: Memorial Day Peak Season
*** May 30: Memorial Day ***

Peak Season at Pets Are Inn (deposit required for reservations and high season cancellation policy in effect)
*** There will be no transporting of pets on these days
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Customer Referrals
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